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Marketing consulting firms provide advisory services contracted for and provided to organizations by specially trained and qualified persons who assist, in an objective and independent manner, the client organization to identify problems, analyze such problems, recommend solutions to these problems, and help, when requested, in the implementation of solutions.- Category ID : 51489
1 -

Sandra Beckwith

Specializes in publicity and gender differences. Fairport, New York.
2 -

Market & Business Development

Ad hoc marketing consultancy assignments specializing in business to business and industrial market research.
3 -

Stevens and Stevens, LLC

Services include marketing strategy development, brand image and website development.
4 -

BizTrek International Inc.

Works with CEOs of closely-held and Angel-funded companies to re-launch and optimize their brand using 12 universal marketing triggers.
5 -

Marketing Agents South, Inc.

Offering five equipment specialists that will help with specifications, space requirements, energy and water connections.
6 -

Ries and Ries

Marketing strategy firm.
7 -

The Arrow Group

Provides consulting and training services to support formulation and implementation of effective business, marketing and brand strategies.
8 -

Customer Assurance

Integrated customer relations agency.
9 -

Hanson Marketing Group, Inc.

Marketing tips, strategies and techniques for consulting and technology firms.
10 -

Eric Shaw

Marketing consultant.
11 -


UK based marketing communications agency specializing in branding, sales promotion, advertising and direct marketing.
12 -

Cohen Marketing Group

Specializes in marketing the sport of hockey.
13 -

Alexander Simpkin

Fields of activity include high level lead generation, outbound training in telemarketing and telesales, distance learning and strategic consultancy, mostly in the business to business and business to trade marketplaces.
14 -

Action Plan Marketing

Marketing consulting services exclusively for professional service businesses.
15 -

Tecmark, Inc.

Focused on development, administration and analysis of customer loyalty programs.
16 -

Reingold, Inc.

Focused on creative solutions in strategic planning, capacity building, marketing, advertising and communications.
17 -

Northshore Developments

Specializes in e-commerce, website development, graphic design, commercial photography, multimedia presentations and print advertising and marketing.
18 -

Pistritto and Company

Sales and marketing consultancy.
19 -

Roi Team Consultant

Assisting clients to avoid finding new solutions for each new situation.
20 -

American Consulting Group, LLC

Marketing research and consulting, seminars, and expert witness for technical business-to-business products.
21 -

D.C. Woolsey and Associates

Marketing strategies to increase cash flow, return on investment and marketing success.
22 -

Nexus Communications & Consulting

Offers strategic communications products and services to public and private sector organizations. Based in Canada.
23 -

Mars & Co

An international strategy consulting firm.
24 -

International Marketing Services, Inc.

Massachusetts based international marketing and trade consulting firm.
25 -

The Forbes Consulting Group, Inc.

A full service market research and market research consulting firm specializing in consumer psychology, qualitative market research, and quantitative data analysis
26 -

ZS Associates

An international sales force and marketing consulting firm.
27 -


An international marketing organization, serving consumer, corporate and high-tech clients.
28 -

Modern Marketing Concepts

Provides business-to-business sales and marketing solutions for high-tech, growth oriented companies.
29 -

North Star Marketing, Inc.

Combining research, marketing, Internet and e-marketing, advertising and public relations services.
30 -

Wishful Thinking, Inc.

Helps companies realize their wishes for new opportunities, strategies and inspiration.
31 -

MDSS, Inc.

Forecasting and analytical marketing support, custom database design and management.
32 -

Bromberg Consulting

Offers strategic marketing, brand strategy, corporate identity and corporate communications.
33 -

Ideate, Inc.

Creative and strategic content developers in Massachusetts delivering advertising, print, Web and custom publishing solutions.
34 -

Drury Communications

Specializing in corporate, financial, internal and marketing communications, public affairs, market research and project management with offices in Dublin and Belfast.
35 -

Nancy Schwartz & Company

Provides marketing consulting and communications services.
36 -

Lehnen, Mollan & Associates

Develops strategies for penetrating North American business-to-business markets.
37 -

Name It

Creative naming, renaming and legal research company.
38 -

MarketingHelp Inc.

Helps small and medium sized manufacturers, multi-unit retailers and service firms. Minneapolis, MN.
39 -

The Lawson Marketing Group

A full-service marketing and interactive consultation firm based in Newport Beach, CA.
40 -

Cullen Communications

Public relations, copywriting, and design seminars for the graphic arts, paper and printing industries and selected consumer and business-to-business companies.
41 -

Young & Associates, Ltd.

Provides market and sales strategy development, performance measurement, forecasting, and customer relationship management.
42 -

Venta Limited

UK based marketing consultancy delivering a package of business solutions.
43 -

Loren Myers and Associates

On target solutions in marketing and communications.
44 -

Gelb Consulting Group, Inc.

Assists clients in generating market insight, product innovation, and marketing strategy using advanced analytical and research methodologies
45 -

PM and Partner Marketing Consulting

A specialised international firm for marketing consulting.
46 -

Mira Consulting

Specializes in business development, business plans, industry analysis, market research, strategic planning, market planning, and operations planning.
47 -

Marketing Assistance Ltd

A research based marketing consultancy providing a wide range of services internationally.
48 -

Brandever Strategy, Inc.

Creates communication solutions that help clients differentiate themselves, their products and their services to targeted audiences.
49 -

Traversant Communications

A full service PR, marketing and design firm specializing in flexible, strategic, results-oriented integrated marketing campaigns.
50 -

Cawood Communications

Full-service PR, advertising, and marketing firm.
51 -

Marketing On Demand

Marketing services firm located in Denver, Colorado.
52 -

Insight Operations

Marketing consultants to small business in Australia.
53 -

The Trends Research Institute

Trend forecasting delivering concise, deployable success strategies to its corporate clients.
54 -

Taylor/Sprules Corporation

An internationally recognized strategic marketing and communications consultancy, helping firms meet their business objectives.
55 -

Howard Marketing Services

Facilitates solutions by producing solid market results and by helping make smarter strategic marketing decisions.
56 -

Gemini Communications, Inc.

Specializes in business-to-business communications consulting.
57 -

Total Quality Image

UK communications consultancy offers systems for communicating a common approach to corporate culture and quality.
58 -

August Consulting Services

Australian firm specializes in data-driven marketing.
59 -

Marcus Associates, LLC

Provides communications and marketing consulting services that enable clients to reach their key constituencies; customers, media, investors, strategic partners and employees.
60 -

Synergy Complete Marketing Concepts

Canadian based business incubation and start-up business development consultancy.
61 -

Kotler Marketing Group

A global consulting company specialized in solving the challenges of marketing management.
62 -


Provides the marketing framework and expertise to guide clients to a high impact launch of their technology company, products, and promotional campaigns.
63 -

Lieberman Research Worldwide

A custom market research company with a business consulting perspective. Specializing in strategy development, advertising, customer satisfaction, new product development, international and Internet research.
64 -

Real World Marketing

Marketing communications strategy and execution including website design, Powerpoint presentations, sales and training materials and package design.
65 -

Punta Linea Communications

Offers integrated creative communication concepts and strategies. Offices in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.
66 -

Litchfield Morris

UK based pro-active design and project management firm.
67 -

Source Communications

Offers a selection of services, programs and products to help companies align themselves with profitable customers.
68 -

Illume Marketing Group

Providing marketing and communications services including sales and marketing collateral, website design, presentation development, event management and public relations.
69 -

Holt Marketing and Management

Michigan based firm offers creative marketing solutions in areas of research, strategy, design, advertising and sales training.
70 -

Dick Buckley

Marblehead, MA based artist, writer and corporate positioning specialist.
71 -

Captain Crikey

Specializing in cultural insights, social research and brand development.
72 -

Bitterolf Marketing

National and international marketing consulting and management assistance, combined with a full-service advertising agency. Based in Pittsburgh, PA.
73 -

Marketing Matters

Public relations and marketing firm specializing in advertising and strategic planning.
74 -

Norris Communications

Marketing, positioning and communications resource.
75 -

Milestone, Inc.

Bob Taraschi facilitates highly productive thinking workshops which generate innovative solutions, ideas and approaches to business and marketing problems.
76 -

Dan Kennedy

Veteran direct response advertising advisor.
77 -

Lett Direct, Inc.

Management consulting firm specializing in businesses using direct marketing primarily through catalogs and direct mail.
78 -

Miller Direct Marketing

Tele-business and customer service consultancy based in Port Washington, NY.
79 -

Block & Block, Inc.

Marketing and sales management consultancy works with clients to build customer base, maximize sales effectiveness, increase profitability and improve communication with new and prospective customers. Naples, FL.
80 -

Reality Marketing Associates

Based in Vancouver, BC. Provides marketing consulting and services including research, advertising and design.
81 -

Hunter Lodge Marketing and Design

Full service marketing, consulting, design and new media development agency in north London, England.
82 -

The Hudson River Group

A New York based consulting firm specializing in the measurement and optimization of marketing and advertising effectiveness on an ROI basis.
83 -


Los Angeles-based public relations and marketing communications consultancy specializing in emerging new media, multimedia and interactive technologies.
84 -


US based sales and marketing professional services firm, providing multi-channel solutions to Fortune 500 companies.
85 -

Winnington Wolf

Design consultants for advertising, packaging, exhibitions, web design, corporate brand identity and product literature.
86 -

Lombardo and Associates

Consultancy specialized in direct response marketing.
87 -


Provides strategy and guidance to solve marketing problems and achieve goals.
88 -

Pendragon Consultants, Ltd.

UK based firm specialized in promoting a message to the audience it is intended to reach.
89 -

Informed Decisions Group, Ltd.

Consulting services include customer relationship management, customer knowledge building, information technology strategy and general statistical analytical services.
90 -

Weber Marketing Communications

Dutch based consultancy specialized in branding and marketing process redesign for Fortune 500 companies.
91 -

Stride Associates

Assists companies of all sizes in brand development, business to business marketing strategy and advertising.
92 -

Marketing Nous

Offers sales training and courses to improve marketing skills. Presents client information with details of courses and membership.
93 -

Banda Marketing Group

Develops marketing plans for medium size companies.
94 -


Marketing and consulting agency specializing in integrated marketing, branding, CRM and demand generation programs.
95 -


Provides marketing consulting and research services to improve business performance and build brands.
96 -

Pile and Company

Management consultants helping advertisers in the selection of their marketing communications agency. Provides agency evaluations and media assessment.
97 -

InterContinental Industries, Inc.

Identifies ways to grow sales and profits.
98 -

Achenbaum Bogda Associates, Inc.

Marketing consultancy dedicated to helping clients with marketing planning, advertising agency and executive recruitment efficiency.
99 -

High Point Communications Group, Inc.

A strategic communications firm specialized in the areas of market strategy development, strategic communications, public relations, media relations, media training and presentation skills training.
100 -

Point 42, LLC

Provides branding and customer acquisition and retention solutions.
101 -

Go This Way

Specialized in marketing and product management consulting.
102 -

Market Strategy Associates, Inc.

Formed to bring academic rigor and industry expertise to bear on the consulting, facilitating and training needs of organizations.
103 -

The Rogovin Group

Helps create highly targeted, cost-effective marketing and sales strategies.
104 -

Walker Sands Communications

Specializes in advertising, marketing, public relations and Internet marketing.
105 -

Thunder Factory

Specializes in closing sales and driving revenues by offering integrated marketing strategy and execution, communications agency capabilities and management consulting to improve integration and efficiency of marketing operations.
106 -

Amy Sutnick Plotch Communications

Helps non-profit, government and corporate organizations develop communication and marketing strategies.
107 -

Marketing Foundations, Inc.

Delivers executive marketing training programs and consulting services to corporate and not-for-profit clients in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.
108 -

Mayfield Consulting

Provides marketing and sales related consulting services to companies who participate in industrial, high-tech and contract manufacturing markets.
109 -

Sojo, Inc.

Offering a range of business services including e-business strategies, strategic marketing, public relations and advertising.
110 -

The Grede Company

Marketing and strategic planning consultancy.
111 -


Provides marketing planning and implementation throughout the US and Canada.
112 -

Just in Time Marketing, Inc.

Services include strategic planning, branding and identity, product launch and event planning.
113 -

Duologica Corporation

Consulting in the areas of direct and interactive marketing, customer management, sales promotion, business development and marketing operations.
114 -

The Business Group, Inc.

Specializes in the development of incentive marketing programs focused on a positive return on investment.
115 -

Bald Eagle Consulting, Inc.

Business development and marketing services consultants serving medium and small businesses in the retail, manufacturing, I.T., government and service industries.
116 -

Creative Marketing Group

Offering professional advice in strategic marketing, market entry, providing project management solutions and creative services. Offices in London, New York and Moscow.
117 -

Marketing Renovations, LLC

Consulting firm specializing in marketing strategy and planning, communications and interactive implementations.
118 -

Just Ask A Woman

Strategic marketing consultancy aimed at marketing with women.
119 -

Prime Resource Group, Inc.

Management consulting firm focused on sales and marketing management and performance.
120 -

Kuczmarski & Associates, Inc.

Management consulting firm specializing in helping companies to accelerate growth through new product and service development, branding, positioning and marketing strategy.
121 -

Apex Marketing Strategy

Offers corporate product, service and brand marketing, organizational consulting, product management, writing and Web marketing.
122 -

A Lizard Drinking

Marketing and communications consultancy based in Australia.
123 -

Curt Prins

Minneapolis based marketing communications consultant focused of the needs of emerging business-to-business companies.
124 -

Explore Communications

Provides marketing planning and placement services including positioning, brand development, messaging, media planning and media placement.
125 -

Mosaic Marketing Management, Inc.

Marketing consulting firm for industrial and business to business companies.
126 -

Quantum Sales & Marketing Services, Ltd.

Helps organizations operating in the business-to-business sector to increase sales and profitability by leading a program of sales improvements. Based in the UK.
127 -

Jones Lundin Beals, Inc.

Specializes in advertising and marketing agency search and selection, compensation and relationship management.
128 -

The Martec Group

Offers worldwide strategic market research and consulting services.
129 -

KLM, Inc.

Specializing in strategy, planning, branding, marketing, knowledge management and optimization of intellectual capital for traditional and on-line businesses.
130 -

M1 Affinity Marketing, Inc.

Provides business development, marketing strategy, planning and implementation support.
131 -

Desperado Marketing, Inc.

Toronto-based client side sports marketing and event marketing agency.
132 -

Cultural Imprint

Offers a specialized service that provides key knowledge for brand building, new product development, identifying new segments, tailoring messages to consumers and organizational change and integration.
133 -

Janastar Marketing Group

Marketing and consulting group focused on ensuring product success.
134 -

Provident Partners

Helps align market needs and client value propositions.
135 -

Catalyst Works, Ltd.

Specialize in voluntary sector marketing, fund raising and communications. Based in the UK.
136 -


Consults on direct mail, email marketing, sales, customer relationship management and business development.
137 -

The Content Firm

Consults with businesses about their messages and audiences and then creates content in any format required.
138 -

Outsource Marketing, LLC

Provides strategic marketing planning and project implementation.
139 -

Kannon Consulting, Inc.

Strategy and marketing consulting focused on building outside-in business plans.
140 -

Bill Harvey Consulting

Communications consultancy serving advertisers, agencies, media and research companies.
141 -


Integrated strategic marketing, facility development, and employee education company serving financial services clients and technology based industries.
142 -

Wilson Marketing Group

Business-to-business marketing consultancy. Site offers case studies, publications, industry and client list, and areas of practice.
143 -

The Eastpoint Group

Marketing firm located near Dayton, Ohio. Services include video, audio, web site, and print marketing with emphasis on Integrated Message Technology.
144 -

Entity Marketing Consulting

Providing advice to firms launching new products, entering new markets or building visibility.
145 -

Market Insights

Consultation, direct mail campaigns and monthly marketing programs.
146 -

The Marketing Clinic

Offers full service marketing communications consulting to organizations and companies of all sizes.
147 -

The Price Group

Consulting services focused on leadership training, coaching, customized training and speaking.
148 -


Offers corporate strategies, managing media relationships, and marketing corporate identity, services and products.
149 -

The Hawthorne Agency

A full service marketing, public relations and web site solutions firm.
150 -

The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.

A global marketing communications and marketing services company.
151 -

OnPoint Marketing and Promotions

Provides specialized online and offline targeted marketing strategies including special events, public relations, product sampling, and direct to consumer. Based in San Diego, California.
152 -

Parker Design Consultants

Offers targeted communications including advertising and brochures, direct mail, websites and newsletters.
153 -


Multi-national marketing services organization offering strategic planning, market research, public relations, press campaigns, sales promotion, new media marketing, advertising, media planning, and training.
154 -

Tinderhouse Communications

Provides full service, integrated online communication solutions for businesses in the UK.
155 -

Frost and Sullivan

An international marketing consulting and training company.
156 -

Access Worldwide Communications, Inc.

Provides outsourced marketing services consisting of marketing, sales and customer service programs such as market research, database analysis, telesales/services, direct mail, sales territory management, product sampling and fulfillmen. (Nasdaq: AWWC).
157 -

What If What Next

Marketing communications, public relations and business development.
158 -

Marketing Resources & Results

Specializes in helping companies develop strategic marketing plans.
159 -

Baranda Consulting

Provides assistance in determining market niche, time to market, marketing mix, product definition, distribution strategy, promotion and pricing.
160 -

Proformica Marketing Consulants

Offer advisory services within marketing strategies, business development and web design. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, with representation in Vietnam.
161 -

Mac McIntosh

Specializing in inquiry handling, sales lead management, telemarketing, interactive marketing, relationship marketing, and marketing services outsourcing.
162 -

Fortis Communications

Multi-disciplined marketing communications agency for clients and brands.
163 -

MarketSphere Consulting

A market-focused business consulting firm with multiple USA offices.
164 -

Webinar Resources

Managed services and demand generation solutions that deliver interactive and personalized marketing communications and driving customer acquisition.
165 -

VJ Studio

Marketing consultancy offering brand design, advertising, web design and Internet marketing for organizations in a variety of industries. Offices in New York and New Jersey.
166 -

Shere Marketing

Marketing strategy and marketing communications group, offering corporate and product branding, public relations, website development, online marketing and social networking, direct marketing, advertising, exhibition and presentation services to support business objectives.
167 -

inter/phase marketing

Brisbane based specialist marketing and research consultancy.
168 -

Acce Consulting, Ltd.

Providing marketing consulting services to foreign businesses interested in entering the Chinese market.
169 -

The Beanstalk Group, Inc.

Assists in licensing and marketing brands and trademarks worldwide.
170 -

D and S consulting

Marketing consulting company focusing on IT in China
171 -

Henmore Marketing

Integrated marketing solutions in public relations, marketing consultancy, marketing communications, direct marketing, promotions and website design.
172 -

Heweson Consulting Group

Customer management practice and the effective use of IT.
173 -

Indonesian Advertising & Multimedia

Advertising, public relations (PR) and corporate communications services; including audio, video and interactive media (multimedia) production.
174 -

Indonesian Business and Marketing Consultants

Strategic management, customer service and human resources management consulting.
175 -

Joshua Research Consultants

A marketing research firm in Asia Pacific.
176 -

Madras Consultancy Group

Assists foreign investors who wish to enter India with market analysis, research and consulting on market entry strategies.
177 -


Market and business development offering support to companies developing into Europe.
178 -

Marjara & Associates

Marketing consultant and specialists in distributor network development, sales agents and representative for foreign companies in India.
179 -

Marketing - Strategy - Research

Business-to-business marketing and strategic development organisation, based in the UK.
180 -

Marketing Projects Ltd

UK based marketing and PR consultants specialising in IT.
181 -


Undertakes an annual market assessment, and conducts a number of specific market and segment reviews.
182 -

Midas Consulting

Performs competitive intelligence, management and strategy consulting, market research and analysis services throughout the Latin American region, Spain and Portugal.
183 -


Assists with integrated marketing and advertising solutions specific to the New Zealand culture.
184 -

OzVox Media

Australian Internet marketing consultants.
185 -

Promoidea S.L.

Sales promotion company in Spain.
186 -

Revelation Productions

Australian advertising and marketing consultant.
187 -

Shanghai Direct

Market entry, sales and distribution consulting service for the China market. Specializing in consumer products and business education.
188 -

W. H. Bosch

Freelance business consultant located in Spain.
189 -

Evergreen Consulting Services

Develops marketing plans and strategies for industries including clean technology, real estate, and hospitality. Located in Fargo, North Dakota.
190 -

McCann-Erickson Africa

A marketing communications firm with offices throughout Africa.
191 -

Eye for Image

A communications consulting company working with knowledge-intensive, B2B companies. Copenhagen, Denmark.
192 -

Articulate Marketing

Offers content marketing, case studies, web copy and training.
193 -

Haley Brand Intelligence

Full service marketing communications for sports, entertainment, manufacturing, aviation and aerospace.
194 -

Brainium Events

Helps companies generate demand for their products and services through strategic marketing communications, creative strategy and design and event planning and management.
195 -

Omnicom Group

Advertising and marketing holding company whose agencies and networks operate internationally. Portfolio includes BBDO, DDB Worldwide, Omnicom Media Group, and many smaller specialty agencies. Corporate information, investor relations, categorized description of companies in group.
196 -

Innovative Consulting Group, Inc.

Marketing consulting, strategy, plans and implementation for small to medium sized businesses and new products and inventions.
197 -


Provides legally mandated and attorney suggested automotive compliance training, including ID verification and sample policies.
198 -

Incite Solutions

Offering solutions that help small to medium sized businesses overcome sales, marketing and management challenges. Edmonton, Alberta.
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