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Industrial compressors provide compressed air for use in machine tool, instrument air, engine starting and process applications. Compressors are predominantly of two types; screw compressors and reciprocating compressors. Screw compressors provide air at relatively low pressure at high flow whilst reciprocating compressors provide high pressure air at lower flow rates.- Category ID : 50592
1 -


Design and manufacture of blowers, compressors, vacuum and pressure industrial equipment. From France.
2 -

Air Power, Inc.

Distributor of industrial pneumatic equipment. Serving the southeast United States with 8 locations.
3 -

Air Technologies, Inc.

Distributor of new and used, industrial and breathing air compressors and accessories. Offices in OH, WV, and KY.
4 -


Manufacturer of air compressors and compressed air machinery.
5 -

Becker Pumps Corp.

Manufacturer of low pressure air compressors to 25 PSIG max.; and vacuum pumps and central systems. Distribution throughout North America.
6 -

Lupamat Air Compressors

Manufacturer of air compressors located in Izmir, Turkey.
7 -

US Equipment Co., Inc.

Distributor of air compressors, parts, accessories; provides repairs, plant surveys, and installation service.
8 -

Sullair, LLC

Manufacturers of portable and stationary compressors. Also offers replacement parts and fluids.
9 -

Rogers Machinery Company

Distributors of various types and brands of compressors and pumps in the Northwest United States.
10 -

Trident Compressed Air Ltd.

Industrial compressed air sales, service, parts and rentals Located in Windsor Ontario, Canada.
11 -

Air Power Products Limited

Manufacturers of oil-less air compressor systems and vacuum pump systems. Located in Cambridge, ON.
12 -

Air Mach Inc.

Industrial distributor of compressed air and vacuum equipment offering Quincy and Sullair air compressors and Zaks compressed air driers. Located in Des Moines, Iowa.
13 -

Howden Compressors

Designers and manufacturers of twin rotary screw compressors used in industrial refrigeration systems and for gas compression in fuel gas and hydrocarbon applications.
14 -

Compressor World, LLC

Distributor of air compressors, desiccant air dryers, vacuum pumps and associated air system equipment. Located in South Easton, Ma.
15 -

Cummins-Wagner Co. Inc.

Distributors of CooperTurbo, Gardner Denver, Kobelco, Busch Vacuum, Champion and Zeks equipment. Serving the Mid-Atlantic region. Sales, parts and service.
16 -


Exports spare parts for air compressors, pneumatic tools, mining, construction and quarry equipment. India.
17 -


Manufacturer of Airtek air dryers. Lancaster NY.
18 -

Impact RM

Specialists in industrial compressed air systems.
19 -

Air Compressor And Motor Co.

Authorized Gardner Denver parts, sales, and service center specializing in Joy, Gardner Denver, and Champion air compressors. Located in Boynton Beach, Florida.
20 -

Yuarn Niring Co., Ltd.

Distributor of air compressors, air dryers, and precision filters. Taiwan
21 -

Air Services Company

Distributors of air compressors and air products. Sales, service, and parts. Compressor and dryer rentals (2-500HP) are available for use nationwide. Located in Chicago, IL.
22 -

Edmac Compressor Parts

Distributes aftermarket replacement spare parts for all makes and models of rotary screw, centrifugal, and all types of compressors. Winston Salem, NC.
23 -

Compressed Air Systems

Distributors of rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and pneumatics, featuring Kaeser, Saylor-Beall, and Campbell Hausfeld Compressors. Hagerstown, MD.
24 -

Delta Industries

An IL Kaeser air compressor distributor, provides turnkey air compressor services, refrigerated dryers, oil free and rotary screw compressors, vacuum pumps, heat recovery, cooling system installation and maintenance.
25 -


Manufacturer of compressor valves. Italy
26 -

Rental Compressors

Large electric compressors oil free diesel, high pressure compressors.
27 -

Independent Components Corp

Manufacturer and distributor of OEM equivalent parts for screw and reciprocal air compressors.
28 -

EKS Enterprises

Supplier of new and used Bauer SCBA and scuba compressors, filters and parts based in Nacogdoches,Texas.
29 -

New Gate Technologies

Distributor of oil free air compressors and compressed air treatment products. Ocala, FL.
30 -

Air Energy, Inc.

Distributor of compressed air and vacuum products, featuring 24 hour service and rental equipment. Located in South Easton, MA.
31 -

Midwest Air Parts

Parts for rotary or reciprocating compressors, compressor lubricants, and rotary screw repair. New Berlin, WI.
32 -

RIX Industries

Manufacturer of high pressure reciprocating air compressors for breathing air, petrochemical, process gas, specialty gas, PSA, natural gas, and military markets. Benicia, CA.
33 -

Kruman Equipment Company

Distributor of Air compressors, air dryers, parts, service, new and used. Pittsburgh, PA.
34 -

Air Booster

Distributor of services and equipment for increasing the efficiency of air systems.
35 -


Hygrometer sales of meters for display of moisture in dry air or gas. England
36 -

Whirl Wind Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan agent of Hitachi pneumatic compressor.
37 -

Air Relief, Inc.

Distributor of parts and service for Centac air compressors. Located in Mayfield, Kentucky.
38 -

Advanced Compressor Technology

Service, overhaul and repair of industrial compressors, re-manufacturing of compressor parts, Located in Addison, Illinois.
39 -

Air Squared

Manufacturer and consulting firm specializing in scroll compressors.
40 -

Applied Air Systems, Inc.

Service Company providing air compressor system audits, leak studies, engineering studies, and demand expansion. Prior Lake, MN.
41 -

Air Power USA Inc.

Compressed air system consultants, located in Baltimore, Ohio.
42 -

Quincy Compressor

Manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw type air and gas compressors and vacuum pumps, compressed air system components.
43 -

Air Compressor Equipment Inc.

Distributor of air compressor parts located in Wilson, N.C.
44 -

Air Compressor Works

Sales, Service and parts for Kaeser air compressors. Serving the South Florida area from Riviera Beach, FL.
45 -

American Air Products

Distributors of Atlas Copco air compressors based in St. Paul, Minnesota. New and used equipment, backed by a 24 hr service department.
46 -

ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions

Manufacturer of Refrigerated dryers, dessicant dryers, air line filters and other related equipment.
47 -

Breathing Air Systems

This site supplies information and products for refilling SCBA and SCUBA cylinders including Bauer breathing air compressors, containment fill stations, cascade systems and electronic monitors. A 64-page catalog is available to read online or download.
48 -

J.P.L. Compressor Service

Distributor of compressed air-gas systems, medical and ind. applications, parts; compressor rentals, preventative maintenance service. Located in Costa Mesa, CA.
49 -

Air Centers of South Carolina

Provides parts, sales and 24/7 emergency service for air compressors and related equipment from offices in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston.
50 -

Mash Industrial, Inc.

Distributors of Kaeser compressors, air dryers, filters, blowers and air purifiers. Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.
51 -

Supplier of Lawrence Factor air compressor filters and purification products, specializing in filters for SCUBA and breathing air applications. Fort Lauderdale,Florida.
52 -

Aircenter Inc.

Distributors of Kaeser Compressed Air Systems, Stanley and Cleco Tool Systems. Complete Installations, Sales, Rentals, Leasing, and Service.
53 -

Star Air Systems

Sales and service of compressed air breathing systems, located in Greensboro, North Carolina.
54 -

Air Centers of Florida

Master distributor for Ingersoll-Rand air compressors, offices located in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida.
55 -

Air System Products

Manufacturer of condensate drains and oil/water separators for the air/gas compressor market. Exclusive US distributor of miniBOOSTER Hydraulic Intensifiers. Lancaster, NY.
56 -

Air Engineering Inc.

Air compressor parts and supplies including lubricants, reciprocating, rotary screw and centrifugal compressor parts, inter and after coolers, dryer parts, coalescing and point of use filters, duct collector elements.
57 -


Manufacturers of air compressors and compressed air systems. Also manufactures compressed natural gas and other gas compressors and compressed gas systems.
58 -


Manufacturer of underhood air compressors and engine throttle controls for light and medium duty North American built trucks.
59 -

Carslon & Beaulye

Distributor of Ingersoll-Rand industrial air compressors and pneumatic systems. San Diego, CA.
60 -

Rol-Air Air Compressors

Manufacturer of contractor and professional grade piston air compressors.
61 -

Power Service, Incorporated

Distributors of air compressors,air dryers, blowers, pumps, parts and service for the Montana, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming areas.
62 -


Distributors of Max-Air high pressure air compressors, scuba breathing air compressor, and filters.
63 -

Akron Air Products, Inc.

Sales, service, rental, and parts for industrial air compressors Hartville, Ohio.
64 -

Duncan Rogers (Engineering) Ltd

Supplier of compressed air and pneumatic components, air tools and accessories. UK
65 -

A&G Compressor Parts, Inc.

Supplier of industrial engine and compressor parts, epoxy grout and used equipment. Located in Santa Fe Springs, California.
66 -

Kaeser Kompressoren

European supplier of air systems worldwide.
67 -

Airdyne, Inc

Master distributor of Ingersoll-Rand products and Airdyne International fabrication and manufacturing. Houston, Texas.
68 -

Poona Pneumatic Company

Distributors of Elgi piston air compressors and pneumatic equipment. Located in India.
69 -

Lone Star Compressor

Remanufactured air compressor packages or components, located in South Houston, Texas.
70 -

Shree Siddhi Vinayak Industries

Manufacturer of vacuum pumps, turbine blowers, and liquid ring air compressors, India.
71 -

Diego Gugliotta

Sales and service for air compressors, blowers and pumps in Denmark.
72 -


Distributor for Sullair, Cooper Turbocompressor, Hankison and Airtek Air Dryers. Locations in New York, New Jersey and Canada.
73 -


Manufacturers and suppliers of air compressors and replacement spares suitable for Ingersoll Rand Compressors. On line leak sealing services. UK.
74 -

Glaston Compressor Services Ltd.

Distributor and service center for HPC Plusair compressors. Skelmersdale, UK.
75 -

Elgi Equipments Limited

Manufacturer of reciprocating air compressors, screw air compressors, and service station equipment. India.
76 -

Airtech Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of vacuum and pressure pumps, systems, regenerative blowers, parts and accessories, rotary vane and liquid ring pumps. An authorized Seimens distributor.
77 -

Aerzen Machines Ltd

Manufacturer of positive displacement blowers.
78 -

Air Power of Nebraska Inc.

Distributor of compressed air products serving Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.
79 -

West Coast Compressor

Distributors air compressors and systems for industrial applications, Quincy, Compair, Champion, located in Hayward, CA.
80 -

Cal Supply Company

Products include:Distributors of air compressors, compressed air dryers, industrial chillers, and fluid coolers. Cranston, RI. and Woburn MA.
81 -

Ciasons air compressors

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial air compressors. Single stage and two stage, gas or electric air compressor models.
82 -


Designs and manufactures OEM custom vacuum pumps and compressors for biomedical, health care, air quality, and industrial product manufacturers. Pennsylvania.
83 -

Industrial Compressor Services, Inc.

Rents industrial electric oil free centrifugal air compressors.
84 -

Metec Corporation

Supplier of reciprocating compressors for high pressure and breathing air, and compressed air dryers. Made in Korea
85 -

Mainair compressors

Purchasing and selling pre-used compressors of all types, sizes and makes.
86 -

Air Compressor Technology, Inc.

Offers rotary screw and vane compressor airends on a remanufactured or exchange basis. Airend photos for ID purposes and technical information available.
87 -

Industrial Air Supplies

Supplier of parts for rotary screw, reciprocating, and vacuum pump air compressors.
88 -

Air-Options, Inc.

Manufacturer of refrigerated compressed air dryers that do not use Freons or CFCs, and are environmentally friendly.
89 -

Marshall Brewson

Sales, service and installation of air compressor systems and pneumatic equipment.
90 -

Supplier of ABAC, American IMC and Bel-Aire air compressors. 5hp to 40 hp. Shawnee, Kansas
91 -

Case Controls

Supplier of Allen Bradley PLC systems for air compressor control. Evansville, Indiana.
92 -

Green Valley Air Compressors

Supplier of air compressors, air tools and air compressor parts for home and industrial use. Based in Keller, Texas.
93 -


Supplier of high pressure, breathing air compressors designed for scuba, SCBA, fire stations, police, military, rescue units and commercial.
94 -

Compressor & air tool repair Australia

Brisbane rotary compressor, air tool and dryer repair. Australia
95 -

Davey Air Compressor

Manufacturer of Davey Air Compressors. Rotary Vane air compressors.
96 -

Energy Machinery, Inc.

Service, rebuilding and selling of reciprocating air compressors and rotary screws. Rockland, Massachusetts.
97 -

Pacific Air Compressors

Distributor of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, and accessories. Located in Troutdale, Oregon.
98 -

APO Pumps & Compressors, Inc.

Distributor of Ingersol-Rand Air Compressors and Flowserve Pumps. Parts and service available on any line of pumps and compressors. Four locations within Ohio.
99 -

Centrifugal Technologies Inc

Contains a catalogue and employee profiles.
100 -

Clarke International

Spare parts, components and repairs for Clarke compressors, generators, battery chargers, welders, workshop equipment and power tools.
101 -

Scales Air Compressor Corp.

Distributors of air compressors, air dryers and related air system equipment. NY. NJ. CT. PA.
102 -

Dax Air Services

Industrial Sales, services, installations and repairs of air compressor and vacuum systems. UK.
103 -

Priya Enterprises

Supplier and exporter of air compressors and spare parts. Also offers maintenance and repair services. India.
104 -

McGuire Air Compressors, Inc

Distributor of air compressors, dryers, filters and service kits. NC, United States.
105 -

TG Compressed Air Systems

Offers oil lubricated and oil free air compressors, blowers, and service. Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
106 -

Ring Power Compressed Air Division

Distributors of new and used portable and industrial air compressors, including water jetting, high pressure, or ultra high pressure. Also offering compressor parts and services. Florida, USA.
107 -

Harris Equipment

Supplier of new, rebuilt, and used air compressors as well as rotary screw air compressors, piston or vane, vacuum systems, blower systems. Illinois, USA.
108 -

A-1 Air Speciality

Manufacturer and exporter air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers and OEM parts. India.
109 -

Rotating Engineered Products Inc

Distributor, custom solutions and service provider for positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps, and noise enclosures. Georgia, USA.
110 -


Manufacturer of oil free air compressors, gas compressors, and air boosters. Utah, USA.
111 -

Industrial Air Power

Suppliers of air compressor parts, accessories and lubricants. Catalogs and information sheets in PDF. Wisconsin, USA.
112 -

Hope Air Systems

Distributor of air compressors and air dryers, blowers and boosters, filtration components, nitrogen generators, PET air systems and vacuum systems. Massachusetts, USA.
113 -

MS Air

An online provider of medical and industrial compressed air systems and replacement parts. USA.
114 -


Manufacturer of high pressure air compressors, nitrox systems, HPA fill stations and filters.
115 -

Curtis-Toledo, Inc

Manufacturers of a wide range of industrial air compressors and related accessories. Product information and links to related sites.
116 -

Purvi enterprise

Manufacturer of spare parts for air compressors, Ingersol-Rand, and Atlas-Copco. India.
117 -

Armco Compressor Products

Manufacuturer of OEM replacement spares for reciprocating compressors and engines.
118 -

Fini Compressors

World production and marketing of air compressors for a broad variety of applications. Italy.
119 -

Ingersoll Rand

Manufacturer of complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines.
120 -

MidState Air Compressor

Distributor of industrial air compressors, systems and parts as well as lubricants, reciprocating rotary screw and centrifugal compressor parts, coolers, dryer parts, and filters.
121 -

D.R. Guilbeault Air Compressor

Offering air compressor service, parts or repairs, installations maintenance, compressed air dryers, filters, vacuum systems, including new, rebuilt or used air compressors. Sales and rentals.
122 -

Industrial Compressor Supplies, LLC.

Distributor of air compressor parts, lubricant, compressors and pneumatic tools. Online order. Missouri, USA.
123 -

DUP Compressors Trading GmbH

Reconditioned air compressors, air dryers and compressor spare parts.
124 -

John Henry Foster

Distributor of compressed air components and pneumatic equipment. Eagan, MN.
125 -

Compresseurs Québec

Distributor of Quincy piston and screw compressors, Great lakes dryers and filters and Quincy vacuum pumps. Located in Quebec, Canada.
126 -

Jacks Small Engines

Distributor of air compressor parts, oil and new compressors.
127 -

Simm Engineering Group

Suppliers of new and secondhand air compressors from 5 cfm to 3,000 cfm, compressor parts, air dryers, filters and ancillary equipment. England
128 -

Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd

Design, supply, installation and after sales service of industrial and automotive compressor systems. Halifax, UK.
129 -


Manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors. Electric and diesel air dryers, filters, accessories Air tools, drilling equipment.
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