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The Industrial Goods and Services Consultants category includes companies that provide operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations in areas of manufacturing operations improvement, production planning and control.

Consulting services focused on specific industry sectors are listed in categories corresponding to those sectors (e.g. consultants focused on Automotive manufacturing operations).- Category ID : 50475

1 -

Manufacturing Engineering

Consults on lean training, consulting, and manufacturing. Located in Columbus, Ohio.
2 -

ASEMA International

Australia-based mechanical consulting engineers for rollingstock, automotive, marine and aeorspace industries.
3 -

Automotive Consulting Group, Inc.

Benchmark current operations consulting.
4 -


Consultant for the agro-food industry.
5 -


Specializes in implementing lean at manufacturing plants.
6 -

Sinclair Group

Manufacturing consulting.
7 -

Manufacturing Systems Group

Kewill ERP (Micro-MRP) implementation, training for MAX and Crystal Reports. Off-the-shelf Crystal Reports and MRP audits for existing users.
8 -

Duggan & Associates Inc.

Provides lean consulting and implementation. Offers workshops in value stream mapping and lean cell design.
9 -


Resource planning and control; located in UK.
10 -

EMA Services Inc

Manufacturing consulting.
11 -

Bourke Consulting Associates

Consulting and education organization focusing on linking PDM and ERP, APS systems, lean manufacturing and product data management.
12 -

R. Michael Donovan and Co.,Inc.

International management consulting and education firm.
13 -

Operational Innovations, Inc.

Consulting firm specializing in project management, technical and operational services for the food, beverage and consumer goods industries.
14 -

Zentec Limited

Consulting company for standard work, kanban, and kaizen. Coaches clients in the rapid deployment of these tools to generate a quick payback. Downloadable features to get started.
15 -


Education and application support products for PRMS (TM of Acacia Technologies; a division of Computer Associates, International). Manufacturing systems, controls, and procedures consulting.
16 -

The ChemQuest Group

Strategic management consultants specializing in the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and automotive industries.
17 -

The Createch Group

Consulting in reengineering and application of technologies. Located in Canada.
18 -


Consulting firm specializes in assisting organizations to understand, implement, and maintain ISO certification. This is done through consulting, auditor training, and corrective action education.
19 -

TheTakt Times Group

Manufacturing consulting.
20 -

The Ceramist Technologist

Technical and management consulting within the clay based manufacturing industries.
21 -

Linchpin Manufacturing Specialists, Inc.

Consultants in manufacturing efficiency, cost control and project management.
22 -

Cates & Associates, Inc.

Delivers engineering, project management, documentation, and training services. Provides technology and assistance in improving plant and equipment, storerooms, maintenance plans, and control systems.
23 -

Quality Systems Innovations, Inc.

Vendor management program.
25 -


Specializing in new technologies to support your existing manufacturing systems.
26 -

OEE Consulting, Ltd.

Provides assistance in determining overall equipment effectiveness to improve the return on capital employed (ROCE).
27 -

Hungerford Vinton, LLC

Special audits, including distributor, contractor, rebate, promotion, accounts payable, royalty, franchise, and advertising.
28 -

S. P. Oudhia

Undertaking turnkey project consulting.
29 -

Rowan Technology Group

Manufacturing consulting firm providing market analysis, strategic marketing and competitive technical intelligence for the advanced technology, advanced materials and coatings industry in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
30 -


Consulting and systems integration services for manufacturing industries designed to help manufacturers leverage technology. Helps clients integrate supply chains with production floor systems in food, beverage, consumer products, food production, paper production, pulp and paper.
31 -

Delta Dynamics

Offers the Speed to Market products - book, videotape, seminars. Helps job shops focus on cutting lead time by taking chronological delays out of business processes to enhance organizational growth and prosperity.
32 -

Grast Lure Design

Fishing lure design and consultation.
33 -

Critical Path Technologies

Specializing in turn-arounds and general bottom-line financial improvement for manufacturing companies.
34 -

Inventory Solutions

Consultants offer solutions for materials management, improved materials flow, just-in-time manufacturing implementation, and optimal inventory stocking.
35 -

TPF Europe

Consulting firm specializes in productivity improvements, both in manufacturing industries as in service organisations. Firm is based in Belgium and The Netherlands. Site is available in English, French, and Dutch.
36 -

Medical Device and QA

Consultancy in the ISO 9000 Revision 2000 for medical device manufacturers.
37 -

Deformation Control Technology, Inc.

Manufacturing process modeling and simulation, including heat treatment, forging, and thermal barrier coatings.
38 -

BMP Center of Excellence

Non-profit portal/source for innovative technologies and best manufacturing practices. Offers solutions in cost, schedule, quality, performance, safety, and efficiency of manufacturing.
39 -

International TPM Institute, Inc.

Training and consulting services in total productive maintenance, and maintenance management. Offices in North America, South America, and Europe. Site is in English, German, and Spanish.
40 -

Mid America Manufacturing Technology Center

Manufacturing consulting company advising small to medium-size manufacturers.
41 -

Kanban Experts

experts in the kanban and just in time systems of component management
42 -

StratoTech Corporation

Colorado-based manufacturing efficiency experts who specialize in the implementation of Demand Based Manufacturing ("Flow" or "Pull") systems for manufacturing firms and research and development start-up companies.
43 -

Spiritech Advanced Products, Inc.

Small product development firm with experience in high performance aircraft propulsion. Expertise in aerodynamics, advanced cooling technologies, light-weight structures, and propulsion system performance.
44 -

Pragmatic Consulting, Inc.

Full service consulting company specializing in manufacturing companies. Executive/Strategic consulting, engineering/process improvement, quality systems, ISO/QS9000 implementation and training, and systems applications.
45 -

Lake County Partners of Illinois

Nonprofit organization in Lake County, Illinois offering financial, human resource and manufacturing consulting.
46 -

Austin Associates

Consulting firm specializes in product and tool design to the lost foam casting industry.
47 -

Clwyd Associates

Health, safety and environmental consultancy provides auditing, risk assessment, training, policy and procedure development to commerce and industry
48 -

QPA Training and Consulting

Training and consulting to manufacturers for quality and productivity.
49 -

Business Industrial Network

Exploring the true cost of manufacturing downtime. Research and information to justify maintenance costs.
50 -


Key services include operations strategy development, performance improvement and lean manufacturing systems design and implementation.
51 -

MCP Consulting Group

Provides consulting services focusing on the performance and efficiency of business, government and other organizations in the manufacturing industry.
52 -

E. G. Mahler and Associates, Inc.

Consulting services in asset arenas of knowledge, working capital and equipment.
53 -

Strategos, Inc.

Consultants offer articles, downloads and referrals to other resources on lean manufacturing, manufacturing strategy, six-sigma quality control, and facilities planning.
54 -


Ergonomics and engineering services for manufacturers including program management, consulting, and project engineering services.
55 -

Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension, Inc. (PRiMEX)

Non-profit organization provides technical assistance and technology transfer to the small and medium size manufacturers in Puerto Rico. Services include automation, benchmarking, cost and inventory analysis, eBusiness, process and Layout implementations and supply chain management.
56 -

Aspacia Systems

Manufacturing support software systems for variety of computer systems and company sizes. Also offer training.
57 -

Ergo-Design B.V.

Netherlands-based consultancy and software company supports manufacturing plants in layout planning lines and workcells, logistic simulation, and scheduling.
58 -

Idcon, inc.

Reliability and maintenance management consultant firm provides education, training and implementation of better reliability management practices for the process and manufacturing industry.
59 -

Argo Inc.

Operations consulting company with offices in Chicago and Brussels and projects in 15 countries. Specialties include Lean Transformation, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Just in Time, Toyota production system, and New Product Development.
60 -


Consultancy and test house specializing in coatings breakdown, corrosion failures and testing. Services include inspection for marine, industrial, shipping and oil field industries.
61 -

DeHart Consulting

Consultants to mid-size electronics manufacturers. Services include supply management, plant floor design, and product and manufacturing engineering.
62 -


Sells businesses information technology, business furniture, and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and services.
63 -

Ressources en Innovation

Consultants to chemicals and materials industry provide competitive intelligence, market research, technology consulting, and research and development programs. Site in French and English.
64 -

Global Trade Specialists, Inc.

American company sets up contract manufacturing in China. Concentrates on products made from metal, plastic, wood, or stone.
65 -

Centris Consulting, Inc.

Operations and manufacturing consultants to industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, consumer products, and packaging.
66 -

Lean Advisors, Inc.

Lean manufacturing consulting, training, and implementation services for healthcare, aerospace, food processing, process, and manufacturing.
67 -

Castle Brook Corporation

Consulting and design services for the semiconductor equipment and processing industries, the high vacuum equipment industry, and the deposition process industry.
68 -

Synergy Process Systems

India-based consulting company provides solutions in the field of distillation, solvent recovery, absorption, and other separation and thermal techniques.
69 -


Management consulting and training firm offers services in cost reduction, sales margin improvement, and customer satisfaction.
70 -

Steve Hodges Associates, Inc.

Furniture design and marketing services to residential furniture manufacturers.
71 -

The Hands-On Group, Inc.

Provides lean manufacturing, organizational change, process improvement and human resource development consulting to steel mills and similar capital intensive businesses.
72 -

TJWalker + Associates Inc

Minnesota-based engineering firm specializes in process development, lean operations, web handling, and technology management.
73 -

Alliance for Manufacturing & Technology

Nonprofit consulting and assistance organization offers affordable improvement services for manufacturing and technology related organizations.
74 -

Features a list of services, contacts, show calendar, How-to guide, and disclaimers on how to splice applications.
75 -

Kaufman Global, LLC

Consulting firm specializes in the implementation of strategic initiatives such as lean manufacturing, office kaizen, and six sigma quality programs.
76 -

Bergander Limited

Consultancy specialising in culture change driven by strategy development, employee involvement, management development and change management.
77 -

Haas Corporation

Process improvements associated with chemical use in manufacturing.
78 -

HOSCA Management Consultants Limited

Lean manufacturing, kaizen, and continuous improvement.
79 -

Border Assembly Inc.

Manufacturing and maquiladora assistance for all products.
80 -

E9 Limited

Providers of technical, industrial, marketing and management services to industry and commerce.
81 -

CimQuest, Inc.

Provides system integration and computer system validation services having the ability to provide project management, engineering, quality assurance, management consulting, system analysis, testing, training.
82 -

Mittex Group, Inc

Design and consulting company for the tool and die industry specializing in high-end design, surfacing and modeling of transfer, progressive and line dies.
83 -

Industrial Control & Electrical Pty Ltd

Provides electrical and control engineering services to industrial and mining projects. Based in Australia.
84 -

North American Production Sharing, Inc.

Mexico manufacturing NAFTA consulting.
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