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Medical Billing Websites

1 -

Statpay, Inc.

Medical billing and practice automation company.
2 -

Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc

Provides medical billing software and practice management services.
3 -

Pacific Chiropractic Billing

Offers medical billing services to chiropractors.
4 -

Plexus Health Solutions, Inc

Offers medical billing services for doctor offices.
5 -

Medical Management Corporation of America

Provides medical billing and accounts receivable management.
6 -

Medical Billing Professionals

Provides medical billing and insurance claim processing services.
7 -

MBM Medical Billing

Processes medical claims electronically for health care providers nationwide.
8 -

Insurance Data Services Inc

Full service and online medical billing services across the United States.
9 -

Offers Internet based medical billing and claim management services.
10 -


Specializing in physician and cardiology billing.
11 -

Rising Medical Solutions, Inc

Medical management firm provides bill review, case management and medical consulting.
12 -

ProMedical, LLC

Processes and liquidates complex medical claims.
13 -


Provides anesthesiology billing and reimbursement, online internet reporting, and compliance auditing and monitoring.
14 -

Texas Professional Medical Billing

Provides billing services for healthcare providers throughout the United States.
15 -

New England Medical Management Group

Provides in-house medical billing services.
16 -

Physi-Bill, Inc

Provides medical accounts receivable management services.
17 -

Radiology Business Management, Inc.

Offering radiology billing and practice management services.
18 -

Acc-Q-Data Inc

Provides electronic medical billing claims processing for orthotics and prosthetics.
19 -

Independent Billing Agency, Inc.

A full service medical billing company providing coding and billing services for anesthesia providers.
20 -


Provides medical billing and practice consulting to clients along the east coast.
21 -

MedEx Billing, Inc.

A full service medical billing company with special focus on ambulance billing services.
22 -

Peak Healthcare Solutions LLC

Offers medical billing services to small and medium group providers.
23 -

Medical Management Resources, Inc.

A provider of full-service medical billing, ASP/shared service, practice management support and compliance consulting.
24 -

Totus Tuus Medical Management

Offers customized medical management services.
25 -

Medical Billing Solutions, Inc

Offers full medical billing services.
26 -

PhylMart Services, Inc.

Medical management consultants and electronic billing center serving all healthcare providers nationwide.
27 -

Solutions4MDs, Inc.

Firm specializing in billing, reimbursement, managed care, and compliance issues affecting physicians.
28 -

Western Skies Practice Management, Inc

Provides physician billing service in Colorado.
29 -


Ambulance billing and EMS billing service company.
30 -

Best Billing Service

A DME/medical billing management company, specializing in electronic claims processing for healthcare providers.
31 -

MedPro Services, Inc.

Providing practice management and consulting services to physicians USA nationwide.
32 -

RC McLean and Associates, Inc

Provides practices with professional billing, contract, and benefit administration services.
33 -

Medical Billing of Louisville, Inc.

Offers medical billing services and software. E Med Pro is the medical data package for insurance and patient billing.
34 -

P and H Services, Inc.

Offering electronic insurance claims submissions and personalized accounts receivable management services to healthcare providers.
35 -

HealthServe, LLC

Management company offering billing and practice management services and information technology solutions servicing healthcare providers for EMS, MVA and other services.
36 -

Action Collection Agency of Boston

Medical billing and consulting services for hospitals and physician practices.
37 -

Preferred Medical Billing, Inc.

Providing custom medical billing services.
38 -


A nationwide billing service for psychotherapists and other mental health professionals.
39 -

Reimbursement Technologies, Inc.

Billing and financial management for emergency physicians.
40 -

Montana Healthcare Consultants, Inc.

Provides HIPAA compliant ambulance billing, management consultation and physician billing services.
41 -

Practicare Medical Management, Inc.

Practice management, billing, and accounts receivable management services.
42 -

Paradigm HealthCare Services

A Medi-Cal billing services firm specializing in the California LEA and MAA billing programs for schools.
43 -


Provides outsourcing of billing, revenue management, coding and data entry solutions.
44 -

Medicount Management Inc

Providing emergency medical and ambulance billing services for private and municipal EMS providers.
45 -

Direct Billing Associates

A physician services management company providing billing, accounts receivable management, credentialing, and management information services.
46 -

Anesthesia Services Ltd

An anesthesia medical billing service.
47 -

HealthPro Medical Billing

Billing and accounts receivable management for radiology, pathology, and radiation oncology.
48 -

Progressive Practice, Inc.

Medical billing and practice management solutions, including custom built billing system.
49 -

Precision HealthCare Consultants

Provider of Medisoft medical billing software and consulting services.
50 -

ANI Healthcare Solutions

Recovering lost revenue for hospitals nationwide.
51 -

Medclaims Billing Services, Inc

Medical billing services and medical practice management company.
52 -

Quality Medical Billing Service

Electronic and paper claim submission. Customized services are available.
53 -


Providing outsourced medical billing statement printing and mailing services for hospitals and medical centers nationwide.
54 -

Podiatry Billing Service

Billing service for podiatry medicine.
55 -

Practice Management Partners

Integrated business services for physician practices.
56 -


Provides electronic media claims services to all healthcare providers.
57 -

MedReview, LLC

Offers medical claims review and auditing services and represents companies who self-insure their healthcare benefits.
58 -


Provides billing services to anesthesiologists in North and South Carolina.
59 -

Physiatry Reimbursement Specialists, Inc.

Providing practice management related services to the physiatry community nationwide, from billing and collections to management.
60 -

Senex Services Corp.

Provides receivables management services.
61 -

Payer Connection, LLC

Manages electronic claims by editing and validating them to ensure that they are error-free, reformatting them to the specifications of the payer and HIPAA, and submitting them electronically to the appropriate payer.
62 -

Pacano Medical

A medical claims clearinghouse and medical software office management online provider.
63 -


Specializes in healthcare billing services and management of current self-pay accounts receivables.
64 -

Fast Track Medical Billing Company

Provides medical billing, practice management, and claims reimbursement services to physicians throughout New Jersey.
65 -

Genesis Pathology Billing Services

Billing services to pathology practices. Services include insurance claim tracking, and automated claim appeal.
66 -

Claim MD

An online medical claims processing firm.
67 -

Medical Transcription Billing, Corp

HIPAA Compliant electronic claims submission, collections and follow-up, patient billing, financial and practice analysis reports on the internet for providers.
68 -

Medical Specialties Managers, Inc.

Provides medical billing, accounts receivable management, practice management and managed care consultation.
69 -

Advanced Data Processing Inc

Providing EMS billing and A/R management services to municipal and local government emergency transport.
70 -

WCH Service Bureau, Inc.

Accredited service bureau provides credentialing, practice management and billing services.
71 -

Primary Billing Service, Inc.

Offering online full service electronic claims and collection services with monthly statements and reports.
72 -

Accubill, Inc

An electronic medical claims billing specializing in both private insurance claims and Medicare claims.
73 -


Provides medical billing services and accounts receivable management to physicians and healthcare providers.
74 -

MBA Medical Billing Services, Inc

Offering electronic claims and statement submission. Online patient registration, scheduling, and inquiry are available.
75 -

Medical Business Systems

Billing software specifically for radiation oncology.
76 -

Medical billing service, offering clients access to all their data via the internet, overnight service, and electronic claims submissions.
77 -


Creates and delivers denial management tools to healthcare providers including monthly management summaries, daily collection tools and quarterly benchmark studies.
78 -

Clinic Service Corporation

Colorado physician billing service offering provider approach to patient scheduling, billing, and decision support.
79 -

Med North Inc.

Providers of medical billing solutions. Serving small to mid size practices of all specialties nationwide.
80 -

PhyLogic Healthcare, LLC

Medical billing service and system using web-based ASP technology for its service.
81 -

51 Oakwood, Inc

Electronic, HIPAA compliant, medical billing service for radiation therapy.
82 -

Doctors Online Medical Billing

Provides online outsourcing of medical billing services for healthcare providers and medical professionals.
83 -

Medica Billing Solutions

A physical therapy billing and collections service.
84 -


Ambulance billing specialists provide services in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Virginia.
85 -

Medical Billing Solutions of Tennessee

A medical billing company for all healthcare specialties. Fully compliant with HIPAA, Medicare and most private insurance.
86 -

Aurora Healthcare Resources, Inc

Offers a web-based denials management system designed to support the principal goals of revenue recovery and denial prevention.
87 -

Kaizen Systems Inc.

Complete end to end solution for medical billing and practice management.
88 -

Chiropractic Billing Services, Inc.

Specializes in billing for chiropractors with over 12 years experience.
89 -


A medical billing company offering: electronic claim submission, patient billing, medical collection, insurance follow-up, contracting and credentialing.
90 -

Metro Medicare

Claims filing service for Medicare part B claims in the metro Washington, D.C. area.
91 -

Professional Computer Consultants, Inc.

Offers HIPAA billing software, schedule patients and staff with HCFA485, HCFA1500, UB-92, OASIS, Medicare PPS, ICD-9 codes, Point of Care, payroll, and A/R.
92 -

PBO, Inc

Offers services from full medical billing to data processing services.
93 -

Billworx Medical Billing Systems

Offers medical billing software for electronic claim filing and supports billing dental, DME, and anesthesia claims.
94 -

Drs. Central Billing

A billing service for podiatrists.
95 -

Avid Anesthesiology Solutions

Medical billing and practice management software specifically for anesthesia and pain management offering concurrency, custom reporting and electronic claims.
96 -

Saddleback Software

Billing software for mental health, child care, senior services, foster and boarding homes agencies.
97 -

Rollins Healthcare Data Systems

Provider of HIPAA compliant medical billing software for physicians and HME durable medical goods providers.
98 -

Complete Professional Office Services

Software billing assistance and claims collection service for orthotics and prosthetics practices.
99 -

Eye Bill For You

Offers HIPAA compliant medical billing services for all medical specialties in the Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland areas.
100 -

Care Communications, Inc

A health information management consulting and staffing services.
101 -

MedValue Offshore Solutions

Medical billing services company submits claims electronically after scrubbing according to payer rules in all 50 states.
102 -

Accudata Service

Medical billing service and software for insurance billing, electronic claim submission, accounts receivable tracking and practice management.
103 -

AW Medical Billing LLC

A Seattle area medical billing service which provides electronic and paper claim processing.
104 -

Clarity Coding, Inc.

Medical records coding consulting, audits, assessments and training seminars for ICD-9-CM, CPT and DRG coding.
105 -

AMD Medical Billing and Credentialing Services, Inc

Billing, practice management and credentialing services for healthcare providers.
106 -

An online medical billing and consultant service helping medical clinics to obtain financing for their account receivables.
107 -

Comprehensive Medical Management

A firm specializing in anesthesia, emergency room and pain management billing.
108 -

Ambulance Reimbursement Systems Inc

Provides a billing service and education program for emergency, ambulance and fire services nationally.
109 -

Psychiatric Billing Associates

Serving psychiatric professionals throughout the United States. HIPAA compliant with real-time account access.
110 -

Medical Professional Business Solutions

Provides medical billing and practice management services.
111 -

Aventa, LLC

Provides full service medical billing solutions to New York and New Jersey area.
112 -

Direct Billing Services

Medical billing services, credentialing, practice consulting, and training for a variety of healthcare specialties. Offers a web based billing system including EHR.
113 -

Healthcare Automation

A billing and collections for home infusion, respiratory therapy and DME. Additional services include contract optimization, DSO analysis and insurance verification.
114 -

Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide, Inc

A company specializing in durable home medical equipment billing, an HME/DME insurance claim processing and billing service center.
115 -

Daley Medical Billing Services

A HIPAA compliant, electronic claims submissions, company specialising in endocrinology, podiatary, urology coding and billing in Capital District, NY.
116 -

Haase and Long

A full-service revenue cycle management company specializing in medical billing, collections and multilingual medical eligibility services for hospitals.
117 -

Same Day Transcriptions

HIPAA compliant medical transcription services with online records management.
118 -


Medical billing and practice management services for physicians and health care providers.
119 -

Outsource Medical Billing, LLC.

Providing complete practice management solutions to physicians nationwide.
120 -

Physician Practice Management

Providing medical billing, collections, credentialing, and web development for medical professionals.
121 -

Online billing for medical providers and home health providers. Provides description of services and links to government forms.
122 -


A New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania provider of full-service medical billing services and practice management solutions. Provides customer FAQ, list of services and overview of technology employed.
123 -

Proclaim Inc.

A firm offering medical billing services, software, books and forms.
124 -


Provides medical transcription for Indian as well as US companies, Health care management solution, BPO advisory, toll free service, and Software Development from India.
125 -

A-One Biz Solutions Pvt Ltd

Offers practice management solutions to its healthcare clients of coding, data management, credentialing and enrollment, account receivables and payables.
126 -

Practice Care

Customized billing, electronic claims submission and consulting services.
127 -

PsychBiller, LLC

Mental health billing service specializing in psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychiatry, and neuropsychology.
128 -

PC Imageware Corporation

Offers handheld or desktop OHIP billing software for Doctors in Ontario. Includes product description, company profile, comparison pricing, trade show schedule, evaluation download, and contact details.
129 -

Med Pro Solutions

Revenue and accounts receivable management for physician practices. Offers temporary assistance or fulltime billing operations.
130 -

CPC Unlimited

Dental and medical administrative services. Provides FAQ and testimonials.
131 -

BillPro Management Systems Inc.

Offers a variety of billing, information and management services to the medical community.
132 -


Practice management, HIPAA compliant, complete claims processing for doctors, chiropractors and physicians offices.
133 -

Devington Technology Ltd

A web-based billing service,from primary claims processing to followup and collections.
134 -


Offers HIPAA compliant electronic medical records and electronic billing for medical offices.
135 -


Specializing in pathology billing and collections.
136 -

Quality Provider Services, Inc

Services company specializing in long-term care providing contract billing services for interal, wound and urological.
137 -

Philadelphia Medical Billing Inc

Provides physician reimbursement, practice management, courier service for billing data and billing document storage.
138 -

ENT Billing Associates

Billing service for ENT physician practices.
139 -

Innovative Practice Concepts

Physician practice consulting and medical billing company.
140 -


Provides electronic processing of medical claims.
141 -


Consulting firm specializing in patient accounts receivable management.
142 -

Healthcare Management Partners LLC

Billing and accounts receivable management and business management services.
143 -

Kellison and Company

Billing and accounts management, reimbursememt monitoring and analysis.
144 -


Billing and collections service.
145 -

Susan J. Taylor, Inc

Billing, physician credentialing and management reports.
146 -

CIPROMS Medical Billing

Firm specializing in revenue cycle management for medical professionals.
147 -

Physicians Choice

Medical billing specializing in emergency medicine.
148 -


Providing billing, coding and insurance submission to collections and A/R management.
149 -

Physicians Filing Service

Provides billing, reimbursement services with references.
150 -


Accounts receivable, billing and management turnkey computer system and consulting services to hospital-based physician groups.
151 -


Medical billing services for physicians.
152 -

Preferred Health Resources

A medical billing company for physicians. Includes FAQ, testimonials and listings of benefits and services.
153 -

McBee Associates, Inc.

Providing managerial and financial consulting services to the health care industry.
154 -

Medi-Corp Inc

Specializes in billing services and computerizing physician and outpatient facilities.
155 -

Neltner Billing and Consulting

Offers medical oncology billing and consulting services.
156 -

Atlantic Medical Billing Solutions

Provides consulting, electronic claims or paper claims submission, accounts receivable management and practice management with reports.
157 -

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.

Emergency medical, billing and coding for hospital and other medical practices.
158 -

Ohip Billing Agents

Ontario billing agents to submit claims to OHIP.
159 -


Offers billing services, consulting and training.
160 -


Provides AR management, coding, and billing service for radiation oncology physicians and facilities.
161 -

Healthcare Provider Solutions

Specializes in financial, billing, reimbursement and clinical consulting to the home care industry.
162 -

Advanced Medical Claim and Collection

Provides electronic medical billing, claim submission, insurance and patient collections.
163 -

Edwards Electronic Processing

A therapy billing agency serving the state of Florida.
164 -

Premier Billing Network

Medical billing, claims processing, insurance claims, outsourced medical billing and healthcare consulting.
165 -

Preferred Billing Associates LLC

A medical billing company offering a large array of services.
166 -

Surgical Assistant Billing

Provides surgical assistant billing and soft collections services to physician and non-physician providers.
167 -

ClaimCare Medical Billing Services

A full service, US-based medical billing company serving all specialties.
168 -

Elite Medical Billing

Medical billing and consulting services.
169 -

MedOffice Solutions, Inc

Full practice billing and management services.
170 -

Midwest Medical Practice Management Inc.

Provides office setups, practice management, credentialing and billing services.
171 -

1 Stop MD Office

Assisting physicians with office location, staffing, credentialling and medical billing.
172 -

Professional Healthcare Management

Offering management, credentialing, and billing services for all healthcare professionals
173 -

First Choice Medical Billing LLC

Provides medical billing service.
174 -


Behavioral health outsourced billing and collection service for the private practice or facility setting.
175 -

T & T Medical Billing

Providing the mental health provider with full service billing including EAP billing and certification tracking.
176 -

Raintree Systems Inc.

A practice management system providing scheduling, demographic, billing ledger, collection, and EMR solutions for therapy, general practice, social services, chiropractic, and billing services.
177 -

Healthcare Data Management

Medical billing service based in Catonsville, MD.
178 -

Administrative Billing Solutions

Full practice management billing company based in Eau Claire Wisconsin.
179 -

Shorham Consulting

Providing medical billing and back office needs, equipment, computers, printers, network hardware and software applications.
180 -

VMBS, Inc.

A medical billing company based in California.
181 -

CompuClaim Medical Billing Center

Provides billing for physicians and facilities.
182 -

Expedited Claims Service

Electronic billing for Ohio medicaid home health care providers.
183 -

NorthWest Medical Billing

A billing and collections company. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
184 -


Offers healthcare outsourcing services which includes medical billing, medical coding and medical claim processing.
185 -


Revenue cycle management, patient access and communications, and consulting and analytics services serving US hospitals.
186 -

Life Force Management

Ambulance billing specialists since 1992.
187 -

Spectrum Billing Technologies, LLC

Offering billing services to physicians in Flint, Michigan.
188 -

Taylor Consulting & Billing

Full-service financial management and aged recovery for every medical provider.
189 -

Clinic Solutions, Inc.

Medical billing service and Medisoft billing software dealer based in Portland, Oregon.
190 -

Medical Billing Group, LLC

Firm specializing in ambulance/EMS billing services.
191 -

Proclaim Healthcare Account Management Inc.

Offers medical billing service, and staff training and free practice improvement consulting.
192 -

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

ISO 9001 certified healthcare outsourcing solutions firm. Provides information technology and business process outsourcing solutions exclusively to healthcare providers and payers.
193 -

Great Lakes Medical Billing

A full medical practice management company in Oakdale, MN.
194 -

Professional Medical Billing

An emergency medicine reimbursement management company, sub-specializing in optimizing revenue and cash flow for independent fee-for-service emergency physician groups.
195 -

Ventec Group LLC

Provides medical billing and computer support services.
196 -

Resolutions Billing and Consulting, Inc.

A full service medical billing company managing receivables for physicians and clinics.
197 -

Reimbursement Assoc of LI

Provides medical billing and accounts receivable services for healthcare providers.
198 -

Arizona Computer Services, Inc.

Medical Billing, EMR, transcription and connectivity for health care providers.
199 -

Physicians Billing Associates International

Anesthesia medical billing and collections for the New York and New Jersey area. Find details about PBA, the services offered and news. Staten Island, N.Y.
200 -

KD Billing

A billing company that specializes in chiropractic/rehabilitation. Provides testimonials, company history and FAQ.
201 -

Contemporary Management Solutions Inc.

Specializes in third-party medical billing with primary focus in mental health billing and consulting service to the chiropractic community. Serving Massachusetts and the New England.
202 -


Enables communities of payers and providers with real-time healthcare information processing and e-commerce services through ASP platform.
203 -

Marin Medical Billing

Services for electronic medical filling, Medicare, and Medicaid.
204 -

National Billing Institute

A practice management and billing company.
205 -

The Psych Biller

Remote medical billing and office support services specifically for Psychologists.
206 -

M-Scribe Technologies, LLC

National provider of medical billing, specialty EHR and transcription services to hospitals, clinics and physicians.
207 -

Skilled Nursing Facility Consolidated Billing

Offering nursing facility an Internet solution to Medicare Consolidated Billing. All HCPCS codes, bundled or non-bundled.
208 -

Pragmatic Practice

Easy insurance billing and client invoicing for private medical practice. Health care practitioners can create invoices and CMS-1500 forms for health insurance submittal.
209 -


Medical billing services and software for physicians.
210 -


Provides customized practice management solutions including medical billing, claims processing, and A/R followup.
211 -


Offers revenue and practice management services from medical transcription, medical coding, medical billing A/R, records management, and staffing.
212 -


Offers practice management and billings services to optometric practices.
213 -


Provides medical practice billing services, management solutions, ASP services and medical software for small to large medical and dental practices.
214 -


Wireless applications that help physicians from point of care through reimbursement.
215 -


Offers full service medical billing outsourcing for healthcare professionals in the United States. Based in Valley Park, Missouri.
216 -

California Medical Business Services, LLC

Medical practice management firm providing billing and collections for hospital based groups.
217 -

Physicians Financial and Management Services

Provides patient billing, electronic claims processing, accounts receivable management and collection follow-up services to medical providers.
218 -


Provides a complete range of Medicaid billing and consultation services to schools.
219 -

Zotec Partners

Specializes in providing billing services as well as management services to physician practices.
220 -

The AccuMed Group

EMS billing for municipalities and private ambulance companies.
221 -

Rapid Return Medical Billing

A medical billing agency offering services all over the state of Minnesota.
222 -

Medical Business Associates

Offering medical claims management and complete billing services.
223 -

DME Claim Services Corporation

Medical billing service specializing in durable medical equipment claims.
224 -

Associated Billing Services

Provides medical billing service or software, training, support, consultations and audits.

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