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VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax on spending and is therefore known as an indirect tax. While the VAT imposed in each country varies, in general as a tax on expenditure, the burden of VAT is intended to fall just on consumers. However, it is paid on all transactions by all VAT-registered firms, so how can this be? The way it works is that the firm pays VAT on all the goods and materials it buys and it also charges VAT on all the goods it sells. At the end of each month or quarter, the firm then works out all the VAT it has paid out to its suppliers and all the VAT it has received from its customers.
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Dr. Sommer & Burgmaier

Offers advice and assistance for reclaiming VAT in Germany.
2 -

VAT plus GmbH

Providing legal advice on VAT, customs law and international trade for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and European Union.
3 -

The Vat Clearing House (Europe) Ltd.

Providers of VAT registration and refund services for businesses operating in the EU.
4 -

Hawkins, Chris - The VAT Practice

Provides advice and planning services for businesses throughout the European Union.
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Offers European VAT refunds for US firms, as well as consultancy and compliance services. Princeton, NJ.
6 -

Constable VAT Consultancy LLP

Offers advisory, transaction and planning services. Newsletter subscription. London, United Kingdom.
7 -

Morgan Bentley VAT Services Ltd

International VAT reclaim specialists. FAQ, list of covered countries. Based in the UK.
8 -

Euro VAT Refund, Inc

Assists North American businesses trading with EU entities to reclaim VAT paid. Based in California, USA.
9 -

Tax Back International

Offers VAT refunds from overseas business expenses. FAQ, list of offices and contact information.
10 -

Dr. Jochen M. Schaefer

Provides VAT refund services for foreign exhibitors and visitors of trade fairs and events held in Germany.
11 -

VAT Recovery Group

Assists in the recovery of VAT expenses. Based in Germany, with partner offices throughout Europe.
12 -


Helps to reclaim VAT from the EU, Japan, Australia, Canada and South Korea. Details of services, and contacts.
13 -


Specializes in VAT processing, reclaim and recovery services in USA and India.
14 -

Universal VAT Services

Provides corporations and educational institutions with foreign tax reclaims services. Offices in USA, UK and Turkey.
15 -

Global Tax Reclaim Limited

Provides VAT reclaim services. Case examples and list of typical solutions. Located in Dublin, Ireland. Has branches in the UK and Netherlands.
16 -

United Cash Back AG

Specializes in reclaiming foreign VAT on business purchased abroad. Online services, VAT legislation and procedure details.
17 -

WAMS Tax Ltd

Ex-IR tax investigation and enquiry specialist assists with the direct tax liabilities of employees, the self-employed and companies.
18 -

RT Tax

Helping to secure income tax refunds for employees who worked abroad.
19 -

Gilbert Tax Investigations Ltd

Specializing in resolving any tax investigation or dispute with the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise (HMRC).
20 -

Tax Refund for Tourists

Services offered for claiming refunds on value added tax. Includes details on the process involved, locations of offices, partner businesses, and contact details.
21 -

ITR International Tax Recovery

Recovery services for VAT incurred on business expenses in Europe and Canada. Locations in Wales and Germany.
22 -

Belgian VAT Desk

A tax advisory company specializing in VAT related matters both nationally and internationally. [French/English]
23 -

TMF Group

Services including European and international VAT management. Also deals with Insurance Tax Premium services.
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