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For sites about specific instruments and their families. Subjects include musical range and tone, technical specifications, history, and instrument making, manufacture and repair.- Category ID : 25493
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Society for Self-playing Musical Instruments

Devoted to the devices and their use, design, history, and sale with links to museums and related organizations [English/Deutsch].
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News from the music industry and professional recording and P.A. technology and well as keyboards and percussion product news. [English/Deutsch]
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Mechanical Music Digest

Moderated forum about musical instruments that play themselves. Published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail.
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The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.

Offers information about free reed instruments including the accordion, bayan, concertina, harmonica, sheng and reed organ. Includes definitions, descriptions, history, articles, reviews and a performers directory.
5 -

Musical Instrument Information

Annotated internet directory, and a help desk for personal assistance with your questions.
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The Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology

The main professional body covering the music industry. Features publication and membership details.
7 -

Iberian Folk Instruments

Photographs, descriptions, and audio samples of traditional instruments and music-related images from the Iberian Peninsula.
8 -

Australian Aboriginal Musical Instruments

Descriptions and images of the didjeridu, bullroarer, gum-leaf, and clapsticks.
9 -

Taxonomy of Musical Instruments, by Henry Doktorsi

Chart based on a 1914 scheme by Sachs and von Hornbostel classifies orchestral, folk, and electronic instruments into families. A second chart maps the free-reed family, which includes harmonicas and concertinas, supported by a scholarly history of free-reeds.
10 -

Musical Automata

Systematic recording project begun in 1980 documenting mechanical music devices from Vienna and Prague, with CDs available for sale beginning in 1999. Headed by Helmut Kowar of Phonogrammarchiv, the audiovisual research archive of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
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Experimental Musical Instruments

Online archives of quarterly journal devoted to interesting and unusual musical instruments and sound sources, along with sales of instruments and guides on how to make and play them.
12 -

Frequencies and Ranges

A table of extremely low musical notes matching frequencies with instruments able to play them. Links to pictures and articles including a subcontrabass clarinet built especially to play C-2, or 4 cycles per second.
14 -

Musical Instrument Reference

Resource for teachers and students. Modern musical instruments, transposition, concert pitch and best sounding range.
15 -

MFA: Musical Instruments

Photographs and information about instruments in the extensive collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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