Which Are The Most Famous Slots Of All Time?

In the existence of slot games, there is no obvious choice for which stands out. This is because they are numerous – check out onlinecanadiancasino. Nevertheless, we have curated a few that are world-beaters. They have earned their spots in history for several reasons. Below we enlist them thus.


This slot machine can brag of the number one spot for several reasons. It came into existence back in 1986. Created by giants IGT, it pioneered as the first progressive jackpot slot. As a result, it was able to pool in over a million dollars.

Backed by such financial power, they launched themselves further. They can account for the most slot jackpot success in history. Not forgetting the legendary $39.7 million in jackpot winning at Excalibur, Las Vegas. There have been several other jackpot wins too numerous to mention. However, the slot machine remains true to bringing players a fortune Hence, it is arguably the most famous of them all.

Wheel Fortune

This is a slot machine that you can find in virtually any casino, online or offline. Most people rate it as the second most famous slot ever. It is also from the stables of IGT. Created some 10 years after Megabucks, it continues to gather worldwide acclaim.

This slot machine comes with many interesting variations. We however find the version with 3 reels to be the most common. This requires placing 3 coins to trigger the progressive jackpot. Thereby birthing millionaires over time.

Lion’s Share

This incredible game rose to prominence in 2014. There were reports about its progressive jackpot being largely untapped. Subsequently, casino players would queue up to taste the fortune buried within. One could go to a Las Vegas casino and find only Lion’s Share players. It was that famous at a time.

Living true to its name, an American couple hit the jackpot. They soon took Lion’s Share with them as the slot closed up soon after. It stands as an all-time great for it took almost two decades to hit the jackpot.

Mega Fortune

Based on a popular show, its theme is filled with fancy cars and all types of extravaganza. Super slot providers, NetEnt takes credit for this one. With this online slot machine, you will find one of the biggest jackpots. NetEnt gives a progressive jackpot starting at €250,000. It potentially raises to hit millions.
It sits right in the history books. Courtesy of fortunes it has cast on jackpot winners. One man one a mouth-watering record of €17.8 million.

Liberty Bell

This first-ever slot made out of mechanical engineering came to exist back in 1895. Charles fey, created the slot to contain a paytable, feature centre reels and a slot for coins on top.

Its symbols consist of liberty bells, diamonds, horseshoes, spades, hearts, and stars. A lineup of three liberty bells wins you 50cents. Good money for that time of the year. Today, newer electronic slot machines have replaced it. As a pioneer in slot machines, it will forever hold a spot on the list of most famous games.

Other slots worthy of mention include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Star Burst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Cleopatra


Jackpots play a major role in a slot’s legendary status. The year of creation also weighs in. Others combine the theme of a popular show to work their way up our list. But that’s only a handful of the world’s most famous slots.

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