5 Ways to Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency – If you have had an EPC completed, you will already have an in-depth recommendations report specific to your property. If, however, you have not had an EPC completed, and you are looking for ways to improve your home’s carbon footprint, then you have come to the right place. Below, we have detailed a number of the different ways you can increase your property’s energy efficiency and save yourself money, which will be particularly useful in these tough economic times. So, let’s crack on it…

Because up to 50% of a home’s heat can be lost through the walls and the loft space, you must insulate these areas where possible. In doing so, you will notice a huge difference in your monthly bills. It will also show potential buyers that you have gone the extra mile to ensure the property is in good order.

Cavity wall insulation

This will apply to your typical brick and block construction type where insulation can be retro-fitted; you can see if a property has had cavity wall insulation already as there will be small patch marks in the pointing where the insulation has been injected. Grants can be applied for in some councils; however, it is not a very expensive process. For the long term benefits, it is worthwhile to Home Energy Efficiency.

Loft Insulation

It is surprising how many properties have not upgraded their loft insulation. Heat rises, and if there is nothing to stop it from escaping into your roof void, then you are practically throwing money away. Upgrading the insulation levels to 250mm could save as much as £200 a year! Contact your local council for more information about the grants that are available to you.

Low Energy Lighting

During an EPC assessment, the DEA will look at the lighting fitted throughout the property. Energy-saving light bulbs can significantly affect the scores achieved. Hence, it is crucial to ensure you have the new, Low-E fittings in all of your major ceiling light points. They also last 12 times longer than a standard tungsten bulb; it’s a no brainer! Look for light bars for sale at Vic Off Road too!

Double Glazing – Home Energy Efficiency

As well as saving Energy, double glazed units will also increase the chances of your home of a sale as it is one of the main features potential buyers will be looking for. Post-2002 units are the best to go for. They have a Low-E coating and provide additional draught exclusion and noise pollution features.
Above are the main points to consider when looking to improve the efficiency of your home and Home Energy Efficiency . I will go into more details in my next eco-friendly article.

Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Most energy bulbs are quite compact, bright, and come in a variety of shapes. Energy companies are working together with governments and retailers to phase out inefficient light bulbs. This is a tool to be used to curb greenhouse gases. Advanced lighting now ranks right after the insulation sector in saving energy.
Just imagine if every household took advantage of the savings that compact energy saving bulbs provide. Not only would you have more buying power, but you would also cut down on the pollution caused by electricity-generating plants.

Efficient light bulbs are great because of the low energy cost and the environment-friendly functionality; the light bulb’s use can be often combined for achieving both practical and artistic purposes. The costs are very convenient so that you will find yourself cutting the electricity bill significantly.


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