3 Tips for Selling your motorcycle online

When you are selling any kind of vehicle, it is important that you get the sum of money that you are happy with. Be sure to do your research to make sure that the price you are wanting is what your motorcycle is worth, and that you are not pricing yourself out of the market or that you are letting your prize possession go too cheaply.

Don’t just sell your motorcycle locally

It is very beneficial to sell your motorcycle online rather than just try to sell it locally. This is because it opens up a much wider spectrum of buyers that will be interested in your motorcycle rather than relying on there being someone within your vicinity that is happy to pay your asking price and is looking for what you are actually selling.

It is important to get lots of coverage for your motorcycle so that you can obtain the best price. Advertise it in as many places as possible, such as social media platforms and using online marketplaces such as eBay, but make sure to put a note in your listings or postings that it is advertised elsewhere and then when it is sold, remember to update all listings and postings you have put up.

When selling online, in order to get the best possible price and let your viewers see what it is that you are selling, it is a good idea to post a video at a distance and one close up so that nothing is hidden from view. If you feel that you cannot do a video, then have plenty of photos and be sure to offer any viewer more photos if they want them. Make sure that you answer all questions that are directed to you about your motorcycle, and be honest with your answers. When writing the blurb, be sure to be thorough with your description so that there is plenty of information given and welcome any further questions that may be asked.

Shipping options

It is always a good idea to offer motorcycle shipping, even if it is just a recommendation of a certain business so that your viewers do not think that your motorcycle is too far away from them for them to purchase.

You may find that by offering shipping as part of your listing, it could be the part of the deal that gets you the sale and the price that you want. Be sure to use a competent business that specializes in motorcycle shipping and who will look after your motorcycle during transit and make sure that it reaches your customer in the same condition that it left you, such as https://www.shiply.com/us/motorcycle-shipping.

Enticing customers

If you are thinking of listing on sites such as eBay rather than going anywhere else, you may find that going for bids is a good option to entice buyers in. Starting your listing off at a low price will definitely encourage people to look and may well get them bidding for your motorcycle, but unless you put a reserve price in, you may have to prepare yourself for your motorcycle selling for less than you want for it.

If you are happy with a certain price as a minimum, you may find it beneficial to ask for offers over that price and see what interest it incurs.

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