Isn’t it feel weird to think about our earth? I mean, in the endless universe, out of billions of stars and planets only this blue planet sustain life. This thing is precious and it’s our duty to take care of it for us for our future generation, this is why we celebrate earth day every year. Along with this year, we will try to share why we should take of our earth and the importance of earth day 2019. If you are ready to let’s dive into it.

Importance Of International “MOTHER” Day (Earth Day)

Earth day might don’t matter for you a lot but believe me, we are lucky to have this life and we should be thankful for it. First, I didn’t give a damn to earth day, I just treated it as a normal day but after watching some youtube videos and by understanding how important it is to keep this blue planet safe. This is why I learned/read some importance of earth day and I want to convince you if you don’t think about our earth by telling you some importance of earth day below:

Rainforest is decreasing rapidly, once it covered 14% of the earth’s land surface, now it only covers 6% of total earth’s land surface and experts are saying that remaining rainforest could last for 40 years more that means till 2059 our rainforest would be fully gone.
One study estimate that we are losing 137 plants, animals and insect species every single day. That day isn’t too far away when we read about them on the internet or books.

Did you know, every year, only U.S. factories release over 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the land, air, and water.
This is why we should take our earth seriously. If we didn’t pay attention to it, soon there will be nothing but ash of everything.

Final Words On the Importance of Earth Day

Just putting my point, why do we need a specific day to celebrate earth day, why do we need a specific day to wipe out all the garbage from the streets or why just we care about the earth on earth day? Why just can’t we clean it every day, we don’t even need to clean our street on earth day if we just follow some rules like not spitting on the street, not throwing garbage on roads and other things. We are so lucky to we are alive and living on this planet. We have to save it for us, for our upcoming future generation.

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