11 Top Chrome Extensions for Gamers

Do you know there are a whopping 1 billion online gamers worldwide and 9,178 Swedish game developers? The reason for such a massive gamer count is the benefits, and fun online games bring.

They are short, epic, and diverse. Moreover, you find a wide variety of online fun games. However, online games offer a better experience if provided with a Google Chrome extension.

Google Chrome browser is everybody’s favourite. If you are looking for a new online fun games experience, you must try out the Google Chrome extensions from Chrome Web Store.

Well, you are in for a treat. This article will talk about the best Google Chrome Extensions for all the online fun games enthusiasts and gamers. These fun games are beyond the monotonous PC games. Stick to the end if you love to play games online. You will find out the top Google Chrome Extensions from the Chrome Store. Let us begin!

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Gaming

All of these are readily available as Chrome apps at the Chrome Web store. Moreover, these extensions are convenient to install on your web pages. You can access all these extensions through the menu of your browser window. These extensions can facilitate gamers beyond the game experience.

1. Free Rider HD

The first game extension on our list is the Free Rider HD. With over 300,000+ users on Google, Free Rider HD stands as one of the best online games for Google users.

This game is fun to play on all devices. The adventurous racing bikes bring the perfect thrill to your gaming experience. Simply get to the web store, and you can get it.

2. IE Tab

Up next on our list is the IE Tab extension. With the help of this unique extension, one can get to the web pages in the format of Internet Explorer. Moreover, it creates a list of the URLs that will be automatically opened in the I.E format.

This extension uses the IE rendering engine directly into Google Chrome.

3. Evil Ice Queen

Now, we have the Evil Ice Queen for you. This is a fun yet adventurous game on Google Chrome. In this game, the protagonist is Queen Elsa of Adrendelle. Moreover, the game is based around the popular Disney movie, Frozen.
This game has over 3000+ active users. By installing it from the Chrome apps store, you can enjoy this game with the best online gaming experience.

4. Little Alchemy

Next, we have the Little Alchemy. With more than 1,000,000+ users, Little Alchemy comes with one of the best Chrome extensions. Moreover, this game also functions offline.

The mobile version of this game is compatible with Android devices. It is a simple yet addictive game with over 580 elements. Moreover, the game is available in various languages such as Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Swedish, and Norwegian.

5. Privacy Badger

With over 1,000,000+ users on the Chrome store, Privacy Badger is one of the most useful Chrome Extensions for all the gamers out there. This valuable extension guards you against invisible trackers over the internet. In gaming, such extensions mitigate the risks of online scams and unmonitored tracking.

Moreover, this extension blocks the outgoing link click trading through Facebook and Google. This extension also works with multiple Gmail accounts.

6. The Great Suspender Chrome Extension

This useful keeps your system running in optimal condition. It does this by suspending the extra tabs that you are using. This extension helps you to decrease the memory footprint of Chrome. The Great Suspender has over 60,000 users on Google.

In this way, you get an interrupted gaming experience. This extension is more of a facilitating one in terms of productivity and gaming.

7. AdBlocker Ultimate

We all hate when ads pop up on our gaming screens. That causes so much irritation. Well, this extension is the perfect solution to that problem, AdBlocker Ultimate extension puts an end to the constant ads nudging you.
This is one of the high-in-demand chrome apps, with over 900,000+ users over the internet. The purpose of this extension is to remove all kinds of ads on your account. Moreover, it also protects your account by blocking malware and invisible tracking.

8. Invisible hand

Here is an innovative and thrift Chrome extension for you. Invisible hand is an excellent extension that enables you to find products with the best and lowest prices over the internet. It is powered by artificial intelligence.

If you want an online product or game, Invisiblehand automatically scours for you. It brings the best games with market competitive prices for you. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to save money through online purchases.

9. URL Shortner

We all hate long URLs. It gets irritating when we have to share those short gaming URLs with our peers. They take a lot of space. That is why over 300,000+ savvy users the URL Shorteners extension on Chrome, This extension allows you to create a short version of the provided URL.

Moreover, this extension also lets you create the T.LY API key and bit.ly API key within seconds. This makes the best Chrome experience.

10. Treasure Arena

With over 90,000+ users, Treasure Arena is one of the most popular games on Chrome. One can easily avail of its extension and will love to play this fun game. Moreover, this game is compatible with all your devices. This game offers a fast-paced thrill and an incredible soundtrack. To play this game, one needs to have four players and collect maximum coins to win.

11. HTTPS Everywhere

This valuable browser extension is by Electronic Frontier Foundation. HTTPS Everywhere is applicable on Chrome and other browsers. This extension safeguards your online gaming experience. It makes your browser more powerful in terms of security. This extension encrypts all your communication channels. In this way, your data exchange over the internet is largely concealed.

These were the best Google Chrome Extensions for all the gamers out there. In addition, Chrome offers you a wide range of functional extensions such as Add Notes, Google Docs, and Google Drive. The best thing about an extension is that it is a quick add on.

Any extension will provide you instant access to some fantastic Google services. Some of these will also work on mobile devices.

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