Best Men’s Clothes to Sell in 2023

Men’s style will change more this year. Plaid shirts are still selling well along with tie dye socks men and you are lucky if you are a fan of tie dyes. Athleisure will also change men’s fashion. After all men’s clothing is a top niche in 2023 due to compression shirts.

To know more about the best clothes for men that you can sell in your wholesale business, continue reading and get familiar with 2023’s top men’s clothing items.

2023’s Best-Selling Men’s Clothing

  1. Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt
Plaid Shirt

Plaid will be trendy in 2023. In the last months, “plaid shirts” searches spiked. And  plaid is always in style. In addition to that, it is also growing every year.

If you sell men’s fashion, stock up on plaid styles like this plaid shirt. Over 1,000 orders in six months show that men want this timeless piece of clothing. Lastly, take note that men’s plaid shirt styles should be visible.

  1. Hooded Sweatshirt

To sell, men’s clothing must be stylish and practical. Luckily, the hooded sweatshirt matches that combo.

Over 1,600 orders in six months have kept this product’s sales steady. You can sell sweatshirts in various colors: black, white, khaki, burgundy, and more. The sweatshirt’s neutral colors show that it’s more than just a trend.

  1. Wool Coat

Men’s clothing can make an average guy stylish and sophisticated. And even a simple wool coat works. Google receives over 27,000 monthly searches for “men’s wool coat,” proving that every man needs one.

You can search for several wool coats you can try and sell in your store that you think will be a hit in your wholesale business. Add these wool coats, jackets, and sweaters to a “Wool Coats” product category to show men searching for wool coats all your options.

  1. Spring Coat

Spring Coat
Spring Coat

This spring jacket is selling well lately. Over a thousand customers have ordered this spring jacket in the year 2022. This jacket’s casual look can still create a polished men’s style, making it ideal for spring and autumn wear.

To help store owners reach more customers, the jacket comes in five sizes from M to XXXL. Instagram male influencers may help you sell more men’s fashion.

  1. Men’s Joggers

Men’s streetwear sells well too. These men’s joggers have hundreds of orders, so sell them. To sell streetwear outfits, pair these joggers with sweatshirts or shoes. Google Trends shows “streetwear” searches rising. Popular men’s streetwear clothing could be a brand.

  1. Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are antibacterial, soft, sustainable, and chemical-free, thus, making them popular. These men’s bamboo socks are great for reselling. They’ve had over 8,000 orders recently. “Bamboo socks” gets 22,000 monthly searches. While these socks are niche, there is a market for them. If you’re not starting a men’s clothing store in 2023, this product may sell well in an eco-friendly store.

  1. Tech Gloves

Nobody wants cheap winter gloves that prevent texting and phone use. Tech gloves now let you do that while keeping your hands warm. Winter sports and motorcyclists can use these gloves. Its sleek, thermal design makes it ideal for winter wear, and looks great whether you dress up or down.

In selling these gloves, you should target countries with colder winters for tech gloves or you could also target mobile device users.

Start Selling Menswear Today

Okay, those are the top 7 men’s clothing products you can sell in your wholesale business in 2023. We hope this article inspired your business and we hope that you now have a few great ideas on what to stock in your market. Start selling now!

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