Animated Videos Are So Darned Cool in Content Marketing

Video marketing is the hottest prospect of content marketing right now. People are visual learners, and nothing grabs the current generation’s interest more effectively than flashy graphics and stunning visuals, owing to their increasingly lowering attention spans.

While all forms of videos are well received, animated videos open up the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. You can do only so much with a real-time live-action product video in a studio with actors. You can make a case for green screens, but even that comes under the scope of animation. With animated videos, the possibilities are endless. Let’s look at why animated videos are the cool kids of the content marketing world and are necessary for your content strategy.

Animated Videos Are More Fun

One of the greatest advantages of animated videos is creative freedom. Animated videos allow you to present ideas in a way that would not be possible in real-time. Say you want to create a video on a phone cover case that is durable, strong, and hard to break. With animated videos, you have the freedom to deliver this message.

You can make the phone cover case fall through a thousand-story building or have multiple sumo wrestlers try to break it to no avail. It is so much more fun to show the product is unbreakable than to have someone reading it out. Consumers love brands that go out of their way to create compelling content and provide an element of entertainment to their customers. Animated videos are a wonderful way to do this.

They Help To Illustrate Abstract Messages

When the message you want to convey is abstract and can not be enacted in a video physically, then animation is the way to go. Complex ideas that need to be conveyed creatively can take the help of animated videos.

For example, a digital marketing agency or a freelance marketer can use animated videos with a template, background music, and simplistic visuals to showcase their portfolios. A video showing snippets of a brand’s marketing campaigns, logistics numbers, reach, and engagement figures are a great way to market its abilities.

Animated videos can very clearly explain things that are hard to represent through live-action videos, which is why they are a popular form of content marketing.


For businesses, live-action videos come with many operational and procurement costs. From booking a studio, getting a camera crew, casting actors, and purchasing props, shooting a video ad gets quite costly.

Animated videos, on the other hand, are very pocket friendly. Several video editing tools can teach amateurs how to make animated videos. You need a smartphone and a video editing app, and you’re set to run a simple animated video ad campaign. The only way to spend big is if you choose to employ an agency to run these video campaigns for you.

On top of that, if you decide to change your mind on certain ad specifics, the cost and effort required to do that in an animated video are far lesser than in live-action videos.

Easy To Update As You Grow

When a business grows, so do its challenges. Content videos are of introductory form in the infant stages of a new product or brand. Most videos are explainer videos on the brand and its offerings. However, this cannot always remain the case.

As new products are launched, along with additional supporting products and services, the needs of the businesses grow. Marketing strategies need to adapt accordingly. You may now need tutorial videos or updated videos on the new products for video marketing. There is a need to churn out more and more videos and edit the older videos.

With animated videos, this process becomes much easier to handle. Video editing tools such as mobile apps, computer software, etc., store the previously created data and save them in their storage. One can easily go back to these saved versions of old videos, edit the text, add new features, and increase or decrease the length according to the new requirements, which cannot be done through live-action videos. Re-shooting ads, again and again, is just not economical.

More Channel-Friendly

Live-action videos generally have a higher production value. They are well made, can feature famous influencers, and create a pretty strong impact on the consumers.

However, these ads are better suited for channels such as television ads. Animated Videos have a wider channel range. They fit well on all social media platforms. They can be tweaked to fit in the 30-second, 10-second, and 3-second ad length ranges. On top of social media, they can easily be embedded on the brand’s webpage. Short videos that show up as soon as you visit a brand’s web page are great. They give your page visitors an introduction to the brand and its offerings.

Apart from digital channels, short animated video ads can be broadcast on billboards and hoardings. They do not necessarily have to be huge ones spread across the city. A tiny digital billboard outside your place of business broadcasting a fun little animated ad can do wonders for aesthetics and attract customers passing by.

Improves SEO While Standing Out

Did you know that Google loves video content just as people do? So adding animated videos to your webpage will help you rank higher on Google searches. According to Google, videos are SEO-friendly, which means that webpages that include video content are deemed more relevant. A lesser-known fact is that Google also considers the amount of time a viewer spends on a webpage when deciding its rank.

When you offer the visitor something as unique as an animated video, you can compel the customers to spend more time on your webpage. Thus, making your brand’s web page more SEO optimized, increasing traffic and sales. Google will comprehend that the viewer found the content relevant to their search. This is another parameter where you can increase the google search rank while showcasing your creativity.


We are at an age where small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc., have access to tools and methods to compete with big-time brands. The world of content marketing is ever-changing, and with each passing day, it is getting more and more important for marketers to know about the innovations in the world of marketing.

Animated video is a versatile form of content marketing that can change the way you tell your brand’s story. It is more engaging and is not bound by creative limitations. They showcase a brand’s creativity and content creation ability. Amateurs and professionals can easily use video editing tools, start their animated video ad campaigns, and reap its marketing benefits.

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