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All sites and information regarding the sport of Walking. Power, pleasure, or health.- Category ID : 478251
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Walkablock Club of America

A national walking club on the Internet. Allows the user to find a walking partner in their city.
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Walking Connection

Leads multi-active adventures to some of the most exciting destinations in the world.
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Walking - The Alexander Technique

Ways in which this century-old method can help improve the quality of walking.
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The Walking Site

How to start and maintain a fitness walking program, and where to find walking information. FAQ, clubs, links. Tips for beginners, racewalking, events, marathons, and walking gear.
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The Spirit of Walking

Directs viewers to events sponsored by the American Volkssport Association. Links include a tutorial, FAQ, definitions, walking clubs, youth programs, articles and membership information.
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Walking at

Walking races, events, and training for race walking and walking for fitness. Walkers can search and register online for events nationwide, as well as browse training tips and workouts.
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Walking - the Best Exercise

Expounds the virtues of walking, listing the benefits and linking to sites that go deeper into the various benefits.
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Western New York Hiking and Walking

Descriptions and photos of about 30 hiking and walking spots in Western New York. Most are in Erie County.
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Health Walkers Inc.

Offers online statistical tracking of fitness activities and goal progress for clubs and individuals. Also provides events to help set and achieve personal goals.
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Information on walking for the non-competitive athlete, includes tips on technique, shoe selection, warming up and cooling down.
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Marathon Walking

Information and tips on walking marathons. Includes training schedules, marathon calendar, and testimonials.
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International Volkssport Federation

Official Volkssport site. Description of its purpose, lists walking clubs and their contact information, events worldwide and membership information.
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Walking Englishman

An independent free resource for walking and hiking. Provides reports, statistics and pictures for long distance trails in Great Britain and Europe.
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Ramblers Walking Groups

Walking charity and one of the leading organisers of grouped walks.
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Walking on the Web

Overview of walking routes across Europe including national trails, maps, walking festivals, holidays, and equipment.
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Walking For Health

An informational site designed to educate and inspire people to walk more to increase their health and longevity.
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eMedicine Health - Walking for Fitness

Consumer health resource center providing information on the health benefits of walking. Tips on walking routines, exercises, shoes and other equipment.
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Online walking map and route planner. Also allows you track your activity and share it with others.
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Harvard Health - Walking

Medical findings of Havard Medical School on the benefits of walking on health and fitness.
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Steven Newman, the Worldwalker

The official site with biography, resources, forums, and contacts.
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VeryWell: Walking

Guide to walking for fitness, recreation, and competitive racewalking. Provides articles, a link library, chat, bulletin board, and newsletter.
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Yahoo Groups: Walklist

Dedicated to walking for fitness, sport, and fun. Clubs, experiences and events are featured.
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Walking with Weights

Guide to learning how to use weights in conjunction with walking. Exercises for various muscle groups and lessons for the beginner.

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