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Assorted fun stuffs with a soccer theme.- Category ID : 475269
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Football Jokes

Includes jokes, stories, quotes, anagrams, team jokes, songs and limericks in 18 footballing categories.
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Soccer Jokes

Jokes, anagrams, quotations, songs and other fun stuff.
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Screen saver that turns the screen into a soccer field with 3D rendered players attempting to play a game of soccer. Change the appearance of the field by adding lines, bumps or a block pattern or by projecting a message and choose the team colors.
4 -

Original football wallpapers in 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 resolutions.
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Football Poets

A collection of football poems. Poetry and prose for every football fan.
6 -

Laugh FC

Solely dedicated to the light-hearted side of football, this site has jokes, chants, features and forums.
7 -

Soccer Squared

Collection of original soccer images, files, games, drills and rules.
8 -

World Records for Ball Juggling with Feet, Legs and Head

All records in the lists are achievements without the ball touching the ground.
9 -

World Cup Hair Cuts

A gallery of haircuts from the World Cup.
10 -

Funny soccer videos and images.
11 -

Sports Jokes

The site is one of sports satire where sports personalities are lampooned and sports events are made fun of.
12 -

Futbol Wallpapers

Offers free wallpapers of players and clubs.
13 -

Soccer Arts

Includes wallpapers, signatures and avatars of players.
14 -

A definitive guide to football chants in England.
15 -

Football Pictures

Wallpapers and pictures in categories. Teams, players, and national teams.
16 -

Football Pictures

Soccer and footballer pictures gallery.
17 -

Soccer Commercials

A collection of soccer commercials from around the world. Features ads from companies such as Nike, Adidas, Umbro, and Pepsi.
18 -

Footballer Wallpaper

Offers wallpapers of footballers.
19 -

Football Knowledge

Football trivia, knowledge and history.
20 -

Wallpapers, screen savers, videos, and games.
21 -

Soccer Quotes

A database of famous soccer related quotations.
22 -

Football Renders

A source for football renders aimed to speed up designs.
23 -

The Supa Strikas

A soccer comic, distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide. It tells the story of The Supa Strikas, a talented team made up of the very best international players, who - against all odds - fight to win the coveted Supa League Trophy.
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My Football Games: Soccer Games

A collection of free soccer games to play online.
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Offers chants and songs for England, Germany, France, and Italy.
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My Football Poems

Provides a collection of football poems.
27 -

Footie Quiz

A free football quiz site based on the Premier League clubs and those in the other football leagues.
28 -

All About Goal Keeper

Videos, wallpapers and profiles.
29 -

Soccer Motivators

Motivational soccer cartoons and inspirational quotes.
30 -


A social network dedicated to all football fans around the world.
31 -

Football Games

Free online games and humor articles.
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Exploring the nostalgic and quirky side of football.
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