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Paddleball was created at the University of Michigan in 1930 by Earl Riskey, a Physical Education instructor in that university.

It is played in one of two versions: 1-wall paddleball and 4-wall (indoor) paddleball. The latter is similar to a racquetball court. Game is played with a rimless paddle and a ball slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

Paddleball may by played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles). The object is to win the rally by serving or returning the ball so the opponent is unable to return the ball to the front wall before it touches the floor twice. Points are scored only by the serving side when it serves an ace or wins a rally.

Match is won by the side that wins two of a possible 3 games by scoring 21 points first (lesser points for a win are also common). If the games are tied 1-1, the tie-breaker game is won by the side that scores 11 points first.- Category ID : 473440

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National Paddleball Association

Offers tournament schedules, entry forms, and rules for this 4-Wall organization. Also offers resources for 1-Wall and 4-Wall games.
2 -

Viking Athletics

Platform tennis equipment manufacturer of paddles, balls and accessories.
3 -

Western Pennsylvania Platform Tennis Association

Offers news, leagues, and tournament details.
5 -

Platform Tennis / Paddle Tennis

Information about Platform Tennis - frequently updated news, proshop, instruction, tournaments, leagues, player rankings, and messageboard.
6 -

Performance Paddle Camp

Platform Tennis instructional camps sponsored by Wilson Sports
7 -

Viking Academy for Platform Tennis

Viking Athletic brings together the best trainers in platform tennis to host instructional clinics around the country.
8 -

American Platform Tennis Association

National organization for the sport. Includes game rules and description, membership information, tournaments, results, rankings, regions, and historical national champions and hall of fame.
9 -

Greater Cincinnati Platform Tennis Association

Includes organization information, local places to play, news, events, and related links. Also features details for The Midwesterns Tournament with schedule, registered players, registration forms, brackets, results, directions, sponsorship, history, game legends, and FAQs.
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Wikipedia - Paddleball

Include brief information about the sport of paddleball.
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