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This category is for sports games that are played informally and do not have organized federations or international events.- Category ID : 471737
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Flair Bartenders Association

The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to help foster new participants.
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Freeze Tag Basketball

A form of basketball where select players can "freeze" other players. Includes a listing of rules and biographical information about the creators.
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Kicksled Primer

Introduction to the sport with history, sled models, photos, and technique. Summer kicking devices also included.
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Wikipedia: Peteca

A form of "hand shuttlecock" indigenous to Brazil and is played in a fashion similar to badminton. History of the sport, rules, equipment, and links.
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Mojo Kickball

A multi-ball kickball team sport that combines elements of kickball, tag, dodgeball, and some touch football. Austin, Texas, USA.
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Bubblegum Heaven

Bubble gum bubble blowing website, emphasizes extremely large bubbles and their blowers. Home of The Bubblegum World Championship, an internet based bubble blowing contest.
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Xoso Sport & Social League

Recess type sports for adults, including dodgeball, kickball, and volleyball. Photos, schedules and rules. Sacramento, California, USA.
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Its A Knockout

Company fun days and fundraising events are based on the familiar “It’s A Knockout” formula. Exciting games with colourful, bouncy inflatables, costumes and props. UK.
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World Sport Stacking Association

Participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequences. This organization promotes the standardization and advancement of the sport worldwide. Includes news, rules, event list, records, results, and related links.
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IKSA - International Kicksled and Scooter Association

Governing body for kicksled sports offers events calendar, including European events and World Cup, rules and regulations, photo gallery, FAQs, and contacts.
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Midwestern Unconventional Sports Association (MUSA)

Offers rules, regulations, league and division standings for Kickball and Dodgeball.

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