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Modern version of a typical Irish sport introduced into the United States by Irish immigrants in the 19th century.

Handball may be played by 2, 3 or 4 players. It is played outdoors (one-wall and three-wall versions) as well as indoors in a four-wall court. Handball players wear form-fitting gloves, usually made of soft leather.

The purpose of the game is to hit the ball against a wall with either hand in such a way that the opponent or opponents cannot return the ball?that is, drive the ball back against a wall, before it has hit the floor twice. The open palm or the clenched fist may be used in hitting the ball. Server is a awarded a point if the ball is missed by the receiver. If during the volley the server misses a return, the opponent, becomes the server. The achievement of 21 points wins a game. Usually the best of three games wins a match.

Handball should not be confused with the Olympic sport called "Team Handball", although it is very common in international circles - Category ID : 470674

1 -

The United States Handball Association

Details of results, fixtures, rules of wall-handball in the USA with pictures of players, on-line shopping for handball gear. Links to other handball sites around the world
2 -

Southern California Handball Association

Includes all the fixtures and results as well as news items.
3 -

Irish Handball Homepage

News and results from Ireland including Sligo Handball Club.
4 -

Handball City

Information, photographs, discussion, chat room, and links.
5 -

Northern California Handball Association (NCHA)

Listings of three and four-wall handball courts, tournaments and players, with information on supporting youth development.
6 -

Chino Sport Handball

Big blue, one wall handball tournament in Philadelphia, PA. Information, schedule, and photographs.
7 -

Australian Handball Council

The council is the principle body promoting 1-wall, 3-wall and 4 wall handball within the country. Rules, resources, and information.
8 -

Southwest Missouri State University Handball

News items, staff, alumni listing, message board, related links and upcoming events.
9 -

Colorado Handball Association

Handball fixtures and results from Colorado.
10 -

GAA Handball Ireland

Official site with history, news, events, fixtures, results, and player profiles.
11 -

Inner City Handball Association

Results, fixtures and news from this New York organization.
12 -

World Players of Handball

News, video, tournaments, calendar and blog.
13 -

Minnesota State Handball Association

News, fixtures, results and related links.
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