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Rules and Etiquette Websites

Find sites relating to the rules and etiquette for the game of golf. Sites that may be included may deal with definitions of the rules, guides to etiquette, and explanation of rulings, amongst other things.- Category ID : 470441
1 -

Mr. Golf Etiquette

Features several articles on the basics of good golf etiquette. Also includes related links and a monthly golf etiquette game.
2 -

Ten Commandments of Golf Etiquette

A lighthearted way of alerting golfers to good manners on the golf course.
3 -

Historical Rules of Golf Pages

A useful resource for students of the Rules of Golf and anyone interested in the history of the game.
4 -

Golf Rules Discussion

A forum started by Don Lilley for asking questions or discussing aspects of the Rules of Golf.
5 -

The Leith Society

Discussion groups and resources for those that are interested in the rules of golf.
6 -

Ask Linda: Golf Rules You Can Understand

Linda Miller answers questions from her readers about golf rules
7 -


Miscellaneous information on the Rules of Golf. Particularly useful for those studying to be Rules officials.
8 -

The Backspin Forums - The Rules of Golf

An interactive forum for resolving issues on the Rules. The forum content may be viewed by anyone, but registration (free) is required to post.
9 -

Golf Rules Illustrated

Illustrated rules by Fabio Bensaja.
10 -

GolfRules 4 U

Allows people to create their own rules of golf quizzes at their chosen level of difficulty.
11 - Rules of Golf

An Australasian golf site with several discussion forums.
12 -

United States Golf Association: Rules Hub

Rules of Golf explained video series
13 -

Never Up, Never In...

Occasional blog from Rich Fong, an NCGA tournament official.
14 -

R&A Rules Academy

Covers etiquette and the most commonly occurring rules situations, culminating in the official R&A Level 1 Exam (registration required).
15 -


For all golf enthusiasts including several articles on the rules of golf.
16 -

Professional Golf Referees Association

Insights into the daily lives of professional golf referees, and educating the public on either a specific ruling or giving an explanation.
17 -

The Official Publication of the Metropolitan Golf Association

Links to several interesting articles and quizzes on the Rules of Golf from past editions of The Met Golfer magazine.
18 -

Nelson District Golf Referees Association

NDGRA is a volunteer group of golf rules officials whose objectives are to: * Develop, promote, and foster knowledge of the Rules of Golf * Offer courses onthe Rules of Golf, Provide referees for Nelson * District tournaments, give rulings on questions or disputes referred by the Tasman Golf Association and affiliated clubs * Provide assistance in the formation of Local Rules and the correct marking of course.
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