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Bocce is the Italian version of lawn bowling. The earliest known form of the sport was a game played in the Italian Alps, early in the Christian Era, in which stones were tossed at a target stone in an attempt to land as close as possible to it. This was a source of amusement for Roman soldiers, who spread it through the empire. Balls were eventually substituted for the stones and they were usually rolled rather than tossed. Three distinct types of lawn bowling developed through the centuries. In France, the game was known as boules, from the Classical Latin word for ball. A different form of the sport became known in England as "lawn bowls." Bocce, also known as boccia, derived its name from the Vulgar Latin word for ball, bottia.- Category ID : 465014
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Fisher Bocce Links

This is page is a collection of Bocce links.
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Have You Heard About Bocce

A book that takes drill and instruction to the same level as that of basketball, baseball, and other sports.
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Annual Festa Italiana Bocce Tournament

Official of the event in Seattle, Washington, United States. Provides an application form, an overview of the event, and rules.
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Bocce on the Net

Basic layout and rules for the game of Bocce.
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World Bocce Association

How to play bocce ball, rules and regulations. How to build a bocce ball court. Video available.
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Provides rules, tournament resources, events, photos, shopping and instructions on making a court in your yard. Also includes a listing of facility locations in the United State and Canada.
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Bocce Court Design and Installation

Boccebrew, a division of Brewer Landscape Construction, is a company based in San Rafael, California that designs and builds Bocce courts.
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Improve Your Bocce

A weblog focusing on bocce strategy and critical analysis of the game.
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John Pirelli Lodge: Bocce

Italian American bocce club in Dayton Ohio.
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Bocci Balls

Provides rules and regulations for the sport.
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Provides information on the local, state and national bocce leagues and tournaments.
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United States Bocce Federation

Contains the history of bocce, tournament listings, rules, required skills and training.
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