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Crossdressing Websites

Information by and for those who wish to present themselves as the gender of personal choice.- Category ID : 461701
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Northern Concord

A voluntary social, self-help group for cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals and their wives or partners.
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Trans-Mission London

A monthly night club for the T* community and their friends. Located in London, England as well as special events around the UK.
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Transgender Life

An integrated online community portal. Magazine, community and lounge section; Internet TV, chat, forums, and contests.
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Cross-dressing in Indian Theater

Photographs with notes on their context.
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The Vancouver TG GNO Club

A Yahoo members club for TG/CD/SO. Activities, member chat and community support.
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Transgender Zone

UK transgender social research and medical resources database; includes national cross-dressing and transgender venue guide.
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Information Center

Information for the transgendered community-at-large.
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A major transgendered resource on the internet.
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I Am Transgendered

A support and information site for individuals who are serious about being transgendered but do not consider themselves transsexual.
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River City Gems

A Sacramento, California based CD/TG support group to provide members with opportunities to socialize in a personally affirming, safe, and supportive environment.
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Crossdresser Heaven

Fashion, makeup and body movement. Tips for those who want to look and feel more feminine. TG news and issues are also discussed, along with christianity and cross-dressing.
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Transgender social club

Manchester Concord UK is a social club for transgender people.
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Boston Belles

Support group located in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. Information about the group, FAQs, photographs and links.
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The Girl Inside

Explores topics surrounding gender identity, primarily from the perspective of heterosexual men.
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Suddenly Fem

Educational articles about cross-dressing, clothing, fashion.
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Blog of Staci Lana.
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Crossdressing Tips

Multiple tips and sections on this site address every facet of cross dressing preparations.

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