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Sexual Addiction Websites

Resources for individuals who seek help in overcoming sexual addictions. Help for sexual addiction, sex addiction, masturbation, masterbation, voyeurism, fetishes, pornography, pedophilia, child molesting.- Category ID : 461469
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Center for Relational Healing

A private Christian-based counseling service dedicated to helping those who are struggling with sexual intimacy disorders or addiction. [Eastern Tennessee]
2 -

Sex addiction and recovery resources by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.
3 -

Counseling and advice for overcoming sexual addiction.
4 -

Sexual Recovery Institute

Outpatient treatment and groups for men or women engaged in compulsive and addictive sexual behaviors.
5 -

Pure Life Ministries

Residential care, phone counseling, and biblical teaching materials for men with sexual addictions. [Dry Ridge, KY]
6 -

Bethesda Workshops

Conducts intensive workshops for addicts, spouses, and couples. Offers clinical strategies combined with Christian principles.
7 -

Sex Addiction on the Internet

An essay by Dr. Mark Griffiths that explores whether there is viability for the concept of "Sex Addiction on the Internet".
8 -

Proven Men Ministries

Christ-centered help for men struggling with pornography and sexually addictive behaviors. [Rockville, Maryland]
9 -

Healthy Mind: Sex Addiction

Articles explaining sex addiction as well as links to other articles on the web. Written by psychologist David Bissette.
10 -

The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health

An organization dedicated to education and treatment of sex addiction and sexual trauma. Includes a listing of counselors and treatment facilities.
11 -

Center For Healthy Sex

Alexandra Katehakis provides information and resources for individuals and couples about sexual addiction and dysfunction.
12 -

Inner Gold

Confidential pornography and sexual addiction treatment.
13 -

Shadow Of His Wings Ministry

Christian based information and referrals for men and women suffering from sexual addiction.
14 -

New York Pathways

Offers comprehensive treatment for sexual addiction to individuals and groups in the New York area.
15 -

Life Works Recovery

Information and self-help resources on overcoming addiction to internet pornography or sex addiction. [Dallas, TX]
16 -

Sex Addiction Recovery Blog

Weblog about kicking the problem of sex addiction.
17 -

Married To A Sex Addict

Help for wives and partners of sex addicts. Resources, articles and eBooks for spouses of sexual addicts.

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