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Sites whose primary purpose is to sell Yoga-related merchandise, including but not limited to clothing, props, books, music and video tapes.- Category ID : 461350
1 -

Angela Stevens

Offers guided Yoga tapes.
2 -


Offer environmentally friendly Yoga mats made from 100 percent natural ingredients.
3 -

Yoga Studio

Shop for clothing, mats, and rugs, as well as meditation products.
4 -

Products for yoga, massage, homeopathic medicine, meditation and exercise. Reference materials on several of these topics.
5 -

Barefoot Yoga Company

Products for yoga practice, including mats, mat bags, eye pillows, clothing, and practice rugs.
6 -

The Yoga Mat

Mats and related equipment, information on workshops, and retreats.
7 -

Health and Yoga

Offers health information for fasting, meditation and Yoga along with sale of products.
8 -

Mats Mats Mats

Yoga mats, straps, bags and blocks.
9 -


Offering equipment, mats, toe stretchers and traditional props.
10 -

Yoga Props

Offers yoga equipment including sticky mats, bolsters, back bending benches and many other items for practice.
11 -

Ask Yogi Marlon

Yoga gear and related products.
12 -

Hugger Mugger Yoga Products

Specializes in mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and clothing.
13 -

BigHeart Yoga Mat Carriers

Specialized backpacks for carrying yoga mats.
14 -

Ashtanga Yoga

Book, videos and poster featuring the Astanga Yoga teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.
15 -

Sri Yantras

SriYantra mandalas in Crystals. Sri Yantra the Indian and Buddhist multi pyramid sacred formations offered in 3 Dimensional Crystal form.
16 -

Yoga Accessories

Carries a wide variety of yoga props.
17 -

Bean Products

Manufacturer of mats, bolsters, straps, zafus, zabutons, and other yoga tools and products.
18 -

Yoga Mats

Offer all kinds of Yoga mats and supplies.
19 -

Yoga King

Offer Yoga products like props, furniture, halasana stool, setubandha bench, mats, books, CDs,and videos.
20 -

Ohm Works

Offer deck of yoga cards and stretch deck cards providing poses with instructions.
21 -

Yoga Figurines

Yoga sculptures and figurines by sculptor Jessica DeStefano.
22 -

Crescent Moon: Singapore

Offer Yoga kits, mats, and accessories.
23 -

Blue Lotus

Offer meditation cushions, mats, and accessories.
24 -


Provides comprehensive details about ancient Indian handicraft items and religious products.
25 -

EMP Industrials Australasia

Offer Yoga mats, props, and bolsters.
26 -


Offer a software tool for drawing Yoga postures(Asanas).
27 -

Divine Goddess Yoga Products

Offer Yoga mats and mat bags.
28 -


Offer Yoga props, accessories, instructional materials, books, and Cds.
29 -

Everything Yoga

Offer yoga mats, props, and clothing.
30 -

Audio Yoga

Offer CDs and MP3s. Also online lessons for breathing and relaxation.
31 -

Learning Yoga

Offer Yoga videos, mats, clothing. Features articles on history, styles, poses, and benefits of Yoga.
32 -

Ana Yoga

Offer Yoga products and accessories.
33 -

The Shanti Shop

Offers Yoga mat bags.
34 -

Yoga Technology

Offer a range of books and cds on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
35 -

Halfmoon Yoga Products

Canadian supplier offering sticky and tapas mats, cushions, blocks, bricks, bolsters and meditation products.

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