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Universal Life Church Websites

The Universal Life Church was founded in Modesto, California, in 1962 by Kirby Hensley. There are only two requirements for members, to do that which is good and to support freedom of religion. Free ordination is available for anyone. Similar churches and breakaway churches which adhere to these policies are included here as well, but not churches dedicated to a single religious tradition.- Category ID : 461314
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Rational Universal Life Church

Position statement for a group of Rationalist Freethinkers.
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Universal Life Church Online

Become a legally ordained minister. Features online confessions, Prayer requests and a shop.
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The Church of the Good Life

A place for Christians and Pagans to come together. A radical church open to all, accepting all belief systems and sexual orientations.
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PanZen Ministry

An ecumenical ministry encouraging meditation, prayer and deep self-examination as means toward spiritual growth.
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Universal Ministries

This group is very similar to ULC. It also provides free ordination.
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Open Ministry

A non-denominational church that welcomes everyone. It offers free ordinations and resources to people of all faiths, its ordinations are legal in all 50 states.
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Universal Life Church Canada

Offers free ordinations, clergy supplies, and training. Not recognized by the Registrars office in Canada.
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Celebration Community Church

Online Ordination for a fee. Not ULC but similar in intent.
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Universal Life Church Seven

Website of a ULC Minister
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Universal Life Church of Russell, Kentucky

A minister offering officiant services throughout Kentucky and Ohio.
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Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini

Universal Life Church Minister based out of New York City and Italy, Cesidio Tallini is the International Ambassador and member of the NGO Religious Committees to the United Nations.
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Joel Lamoure RPh, DD, FASCP, OSM

A Universal Life Church minister, physician, college professor and executive director of the Medical Advisory Board.
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S.N.V.T., Inc. Outreach Ministry

A ULC affiliate church that extends its outreach throughout the Caribbean through Bishop Daniel Bernard.
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Universal Life Church - Wikipedia

Article on the history and philosophies of this church.
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