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Feng Shui Websites

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Central Academy of Feng Shui (Malaysia)

Offers Feng Shui courses, analysis, advisory, and consultation. Master Francis Leyau.
2 -

Traditional Feng Shui

Focuses on traditional Feng Shui and includes a "four pillars of destiny" chart for online access.
3 -

Feng Shui the Art Of Placement

Providing tips for home, office, bedroom and life.
4 -

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui

Chinese Astrology uses stars to describe the probable path of life of a person. Feng Shui is the study of living in harmony and prosperity.
5 -


Feng Shui resources, articles, books, courses, reports, advice, consultation, and computerized tools for users to perform their own audit.
6 -

Feng Shui At Work

Helps clients achieve a greater sense of balance at work and at home with Feng Shui.
7 -

The Blooming Grove Studio

Nine Star Ki and Macrobiotic Theory all stem from the same roots. This site explores their unified application.
8 -

Feng Shui - Lucky Places in the House

Use this tool to find your lucky place in the house.
9 -

Chinese Feng Shui Purple White Flying Stars

Complete on-line tools for calculating the calendars of the Purple White Flying Stars.
10 -

Using Ancient Secrets to Sell Your Home Faster

How traditional feng shui beliefs affect the real estate market in modern Taiwan.
11 -

Feng Shui Tips

A variety of categorised tips, with links to other resources.
12 -

Feng Shui with Carole Hyder

Articles, online discussion group and basic information with Carole Hyder. Also details of her training program, classes, books and tapes.
13 -

Chinese Astrology and Fengshui

Information on fengshui and Chinese astrology (fourpillars and zi wei dou shu).
14 -

Feng Shui Chi Quiz

Feng Shui Chi quiz based on the ancient Chinese bagua.
15 -

Spirit of Feng Shui

The art and science of assessing, adjusting and creating a harmonious environment; about "chi" - energy, vital life force; present in all living things and affects every area of life.
16 -

Fourpillars Feng Shui (Yahoo Groups)

For discussion of Four Pillars, Flying Stars (Xuan Kong), other Compass School theories, and Shapes and Forms School.
17 -

Chinese Feng Shui Prophet

Information on Taoism, Feng Shui, Chi and Trigrams. Offers a forum for discussion.
18 -

Good Feng Shui

Master Kenny Hoo,a Malaysian Feng Shui master, provides in-depth information and pictures of Yin Feng Shui for ancestral grave sites and Yang Feng Shui for homes and businesses.
19 -

Feng shui Doctrine

Articles and books about personal and interior feng shui
21 -

Feng Shui at About Com

All about feng shui and its various applications - from home to garden to real estate.
22 -

Feng shui tips for every area of your life: health, love, family.
23 -

Eiko Okura Feng Shui Design

Interior Design Feng Shui for home or business.
24 -

Healing Movement

Studies, blog, e-courses and books.
25 -

Dragon Feng Shui

Offers a collection of free tips.
26 -

Feng Shui Benefits

Certification, programs and articles.
27 -

Kurve Elements

Designer for commercial and residential buildings. Offers examples of design and additional resources. Also includes origin, philosophy and pillars of Feng Shui.
28 -

Feng Shui Magic

Provides links and articles.
29 -

Feng Shui Crazy

A guide to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. Learn how to organize your environment for more success, a better health, and a happier life.
30 -

Feng Shui Truth And Tips

Providing a helpful truth and tips about how to better your life using the art of feng shui.
31 -

Vaidic Vaastu

Feng Shui consultation with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj.
32 -

Feng Shui since 1988

Providing Fengshui date selection calendar from Nicholas Teo.
33 -

Energy by Design by Pat Heydlauff.

Offers free information to help people to create positive energy in their personal or workplace environment to bring about desired results.
34 -

Classic Feng Shui Mastery

Singapore based Chinese metaphysics school and consultancy.
35 -

Way to Feng Shui

Providing an ebook for free download.
36 -

Feng Shui Tips

Points to a book on secrets to change your life.
37 -

Tai Shan Feng Shui

Offers consultation in career, relationships, business, health.
38 -

Feng shui and Chinese astrology today

Feng Shui trends and daily Chinese horoscopes plus Tong Shu (Chinese almanac) recommendations from Master Alan Stirling.
39 -

Feng Shui Beginner

Providing an online platform that researches, collates and compile any useful information on the topic of geomancy.
40 -

Feng Shui Tips

Doing it yourself: from home plans and landscaping to use of colors, symbols and mirrors to maximise eight types of good luck like wealth, career, fame, love and good relationships etc.
41 -

Feng Shui from the Heart

A blend of traditional Feng Shui principals of natural energy flow integrated with modern psychology to create an environment that inspires and empowers you to feel your best.
42 -

Flying Star Feng Shui Blog

Classical feng shui predictions and tips.
43 -

Feng Shui America

Creating opportunities for success and prosperity for individuals and businesses.
44 -

Feng Shui Pundit

Provides tips explaining why one should apply fengh shui.
45 -

Light Of Feng Shui

Provides articles, tips and consultation.
46 -

Articles on Feng Shui Good Luck Charms

Provides articles on applying Feng Shui good charms to enhance career, education, love, wealth, health and networking.

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