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Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. It holds in common many of the beliefs of other religions and philosophies, and considers man to be a spiritual being, with more to him than flesh and blood. Scientology believes man to be basically good, not evil. It is his experiences that have led him to commit evil deeds, not his nature.- Category ID : 461020
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The official site of the Church of Scientology. Offers video and audio presentations, as well as virtual tours of churches.
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Theology and Practice of a Contemporary Religion

Online book contains the codes, axioms and creed of the church, discussions of the religious background of the religion.
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Structure of Scientology Churches

Describes how the churches work, where they are located, what the staff are like and who can attend.
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What Is Scientology?

Church of Scientology religion beliefs, definition and facts. Free online courses.
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Authentic Information & Answers to Questions About the Church of Scientology

Offers answers to commonly asked questions about this religion.
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Scientology Effective Solutions

Informational brochure series in PDF format about the Scientology religion and its activities.
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TheTrueLight.Net - Scientology

A brief history and summary of the beliefs of this religion.
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About Scientology

Summary of Scientology beliefs and practices, including on such issues as gay marriage, the afterlife and the supreme being. Statistics on the religion. [Article by St. Petersburg Times]
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Human Rights - Church of Scientology International

News room and forum, covering such issues as freedom of speech, religious tolerance, human trafficking and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Welcomes participation of guest editors, columnists, article submission and recommendations for "human rights advocate" awards.
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Rehabilitate NZ

A collection of Dianetics and Scientology essays and descriptions of church services, including the topics of spiritual, mental and physical healing, drug rehabilitation, education and criminal rehabilitation.
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The Religious Status Of Scientology

Dr. Irving Hexham examines key aspects of the Scientology religion.
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Real Scientology Beliefs

A blog was created by a Scientologist to share the factual beliefs of members of the Church of Scientology.
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Scientology Parent

Advice, stories and experiences of Scientologist parents and their children.

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