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Mailing lists for pagans to contact one another via email.- Category ID : 460768
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Aussie Pagans

Friendly pagan mailing list, bringing the Australian pagan community together.
2 -

UK Solo Wiccans

For those interested and practising Wicca. Targeted for UK residents, but open to all.
3 -


Every month we discuss one Deity. We attempt to gain insight and spirituality from our Gods/Goddesses myths and symbols. For beginners and advanced practitioners.
4 -


This is a list for seekers to discuss Western Mystery Traditions.
5 -

Pagan Pathways Community

A mixed mystery tradition and wiccan community.
6 -

Pagan Clergy

The pagan-clergy mailing list was created to give pagan and heathen clergyfolk a place for information exchange and support. Topics relating to living and working as a clergyperson are considered fair game, as are general discussions of apologetics, polytheology, pastoral care and counseling, ritual development and presentation, training programs, legal concerns, and leadership issues.
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Pagan Parenting List

For Pagan parents seeking support, advice, laughter, and whatever else they might need.
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Temple of Athena

This list is for all Sons and Daughters of the Goddess as she manifests as either Minerva,The Morrigan, Danu, Brigid or as Athena. It is a place for them to Gather as they head her call to remember.
9 -


This list is for non-wiccan pagans to get together and discuss paganism, life, love, and generally chat with each other.
10 -

SilverMist Tradition

Mailing list for the SilverMist tradition. A wiccan-pagan tradition with an online coven.
11 -

Reconstructionist Interfaith

eList to facilitate information exchange, support, and networking among the members of reconstructionist religions. Reconstructionists are defined as those practicing religions derived from ancient (pre-Christian) faiths whose historical progress was interrupted by conversion, and which are currently being revived.
12 -

Wiccan Unity

A friendly, open group that welcomes all Wiccans and pagans alike.
13 -

Wine And Cakes

An open list for Pagans and other heathens who share a passion for cooking, brewing, feasting, and the social joys that can only be expressed over broken bread. Here they share recipes, ideas, suggestions, resources, and other anecdotes.
14 -

The Pagan Love Nest

Pagan singles and discussion.
15 -

Eos Goddess of Dawn Worship

Discuss primeval and primordial Great Triple Goddess.
16 -


A study list and a Buddy/Mentor system where you may find a Buddy, StudyBuddy or Mentor for personal discussion, either in real life or via email.
17 -

Lorain County Witches

For Pagans in the Lorain County, Ohio area. Many activities offline also.
18 -

Witchcraft List

Spellcrafting, occult systems, witchcraft as a religion and way of life. Any topic that has to do with witchcraft in the widest sense of the word.
19 -

PolyPagans Group

A place for polyamorous Pagans to come for discussion.
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Yahoo Groups: Beeper Pagans

A place for female pagans who suffer from mental illness (such as Bipolar/Beepers).
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