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In this category you will find links to Pagan organizations whose main focus is Pagan education.- Category ID : 460722
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Church of the Midnight Ride

An eclectic pagan gathering of open minded people, located in Atlanta, Ga. Offers individual and group teachings.
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The Gaia Community

A Earth-based spiritual community and Unitarian Universalist congregation. Includes classes.
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A membership based community situated on 620 private rural acres in southeastern Ohio which holds workshops and festivals.
4 -

Council of the Magickal Arts

Includes news and contact information for this Central Texas pagan organization.
5 -

You Have a Pagan in Your Classroom

An essay about Paganism for school teachers, by Suzanne "Cecylyna" Egbert.
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EarthSpirit Web

Founded in 1980, EarthSpirit goals are to develop Pagan concepts and attitudes for living in the present age, to encourage communication and understanding among people of different traditions and ideologies, to provide opportunities for shared spiritual experience, and to help educate the general public concerning Earth-centered spirituality.
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Crossroads Lyceum Fellowship of Isis

All-correspondence mystery school within the Fellowship of Isis. Specializes in Priesthood training and Magi Degrees through home study. All pantheons, traditions, and Goddesses are honored.
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Wicca University

For-profit organization offering classes in wicca and occult related practices. Classes on-line or in person.
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The College of the Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College

Provides a comprehensive and structured Wiccan educational study program in tandem with a large and active online community that provides interactive training.
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The House of Isis and Osiris

A contemporary Mystery School devoted to the Mysteries of Western Paganism. The School is organised through a number of autonomous Houses, each offering a structured programme of training which places the teachings of the past within a contemporary structure.
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Ardantane Witch College and Pagan Learning Center

A Pagan seminary drawing from many traditions. It offers classes in religious leadership, alternative healing, bardic arts, environmental sustainability, shamanic studies, liturgy, and ritualcraft.
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Black Witch Coven

Online education on black magick, white magick, and information about the spiritual being.
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