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Mysticism, immediate, direct, intuitive knowledge of God or of ultimate reality attained through personal religious experience. Wide variations are found in both the form and the intensity of mystical experience. The authenticity of any such experience, however, does not depend on the form but solely on the quality of life that follows the experience. A mystical life is characterized by enhanced vitality, productivity, serenity, and joy as the inner and outward aspects harmonize in union with God.- Category ID : 460420
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Mystical World Wide Web

Large searchable archives of articles and information relating to mysticism.
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Reality Shifts

Reality Shifts are changes which occur without any direct physical intervention; they are mysterious appearances, disappearances, transformations, and transportations that occur in and around us.
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Essential Information on the Mystical Experience

An introduction to mysticism, and information on the major types of mystical experience. Includes a place to register mystical experiences and read those of others.
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The Mystic

A somewhat commercial offering of teachings, principles, techniques of mysticism from around the world and across centuries of time. Stated goals: discover potential, gain peace of mind, overcome stress, awaken mystically.
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Mystical texts from around the world, meditation aids, visionary art, entheogens, and music.
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Soon You Will Understand... The Meaning of Life

A brief generic guide to the meaning of life.
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Javanese Mysticism

A survey of present day Javenese mystical movements. Translations of age-old Javanese mystical texts.
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Guide to finding your own higher consciousness.
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Zeitgeist Cowboy Manifesto

A periodically published collection of literature, definitions, original thoughts, poetry and prose presented to the public from widely varying and spontaneous points of view.
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Mystical Union Online

A student organization that provides a way to share the glory of mysticism and eliminate all myths regarding mysticism, teaching mysticism as a way of life.
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Center for Sacred Sciences

Teachings, practices, and resources based on the teachings of the mystics from the major religious traditions, presented in a form compatible with our modern scientific culture.
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Sumarah- A Study of the Art of Living

A description of the millennial Javanese culture and the theory and practice of Sumarah, a group practicing Javanese mysticism.
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The Four Precepts

Includes articles about to mysticism, interfaith spirituality, and the perennial philosophy.

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