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Organizations where humanists meet together for common purposes.- Category ID : 459852
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Suffolk Humanists and Secularists

Features forums, event calendar, humanist ceremonies and articles for the Suffolk area.
2 -

North London Humanist Group

Non-religious people in North London and South/South East Hertfordshire meet for discussion and social events.
3 -

The Humanist Association of Ireland

News, publications, meeting information, and ceremonies for Irish atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, rationalists, secularists, and skeptics.
4 -

The Humanist Community

Seeking to provide to those of a humanist or agnostic orientation the benefits traditionally provided by church groups. Events calendar and related links. California.
5 -

Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix

Includes information about humanism, their aims, meetings and activities, membership, and links to related sites.
6 -

New Jersey Humanist Network

Features calendar of events, gallery of photos from previous events, lending library for members, NJHN Bulletin Archive, online shop, and contact information for the New Jersey Humanist Family Network.
7 -

The Jefferson Center

Ashland, Oregon. Promoting critical thinking and a secular, humanistic world. Includes information about aims, activities, membership and humanism.
8 -

The Humanists of Greater Portland

Portland, Oregon. Information about activities, humanism, and counseling services.
9 -

Humanist Community of Central Ohio

A community dedicated to fostering humanist beliefs and values and to improving the human condition through individual and collective action.
10 -

Humanists of Minnesota

Information about humanism, membership, and activities.
11 -

Humanist Society of Gainesville

Seeking to improve the human condition through rational inquiry and critical thinking without hindrance of dogma. Holds meetings in Gainesville, Florida.
12 -

Humanists of Fort Worth

Offering programs, social activities, and a humanist voice to the community of Ft. Worth, Texas.
13 -

American Humanist Association (AHA)

Contains information about humanism, as well as links to other humanist sites.
14 -

The Humanists Net

The Humanists Net is a condominium of humanist and related web sites including those of many leading humanist figures, organizations and publications.
15 -

The International Humanist and Ethical Union

Features news, articles, speeches, and membership information.
16 -

Council for Secular Humanism

North American organization advocating a non-religious life rooted in science, naturalistic philosophy, and humanist ethics. Includes directory of local groups.
17 -

Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York

Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York, the Corliss Lamont Chapter of the American Humanist Association.
18 -

Humanist Society of Santa Barbara

Calendar of events including speakers and social activities, statements of Humanist principles and philosophy, and a monthly newsletter online.
19 -

Institute for Humanist Studies

IHS is an organization dedicated to educating the public about humanist beliefs, organizations, and resources. It specializes in pioneering new technology and methods for the advancement of humanism.
20 -

Humanists of Utah

Current information on an active humanist group, located in Salt Lake City.
21 -

Humanist Association of Sacramento

Promoting ethical, naturalistic, democratic humanism among our members and in our community.
22 -

iHumanism: An Internet Humanist Community

Promoting a positive active Humanism with essays and resources for all Humanists including weblog commentary and e-zine "Freetopia".
23 -

The Society Of Humankind

The Society of Humankind, founded in May 2000, with a purpose "to gain immortality for every member of humanity by our own unaided efforts. In pursuit of that objective the Society seeks to preserve and fully develop every living human individual, and to protect and conserve the whole of the environment of our species, together with all sentient life within it."
24 -

Central Ontario Humanist Association

A local Humanist group for Barrie and area. We welcome all Humanists, agnostics, atheists, and Humanist-friendly people.
25 -

South West London Humanists

Provides a means for like-minded individuals in South West London to discuss and act upon humanist values and principles.
26 -

Humanism Meetups

A free service that facilitates meeting other local people who believe in the basic goodness of the human spirit without supernaturalism.
27 -

Trinidad & Tobago Humanist Association

Caribbean based organization that promotes awareness of humanism philosophy, rationalism, human rights and responsibilities. Features articles and discussions on governance, education, parenting, health, environment, gender and sexuality.
28 -

Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists and Humanists

Resources for liberal religious and humanist families who choose to educate their children at home.
29 -

Humanist Fellowship of San Diego

Articles, calendar of events, volunteer opportunities, membership and contact information.
30 -

New Orleans Secular Humanist Association

Dedicated to raising the awareness of people of the Gulf Coast region to the ideals and values of secular humanism. Features videos, calendar, and online shop.
31 -

University College Dublin Secular Humanist Society

Promotes humanism as an alternative to theism with a blog and information on events and talks at University College Dublin in Ireland.
32 -

Humanists of Idaho

Features a newsletter and information about programs, events, services, and news for humanists in the state of Idaho.
33 -

The Humanist Foundation

Find history, current news, announcements, and general information on the Church of Humanism and the Rev. Joseph Ben-David.
34 -

Humanists of Houston

Includes information about their activities, humanism, opinion, and local and international links.
35 -

Humani - The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland

Features a discussion forum, articles, information on ceremonies, events and membership.
36 -

Humanist Society Scotland

Humanist ceremonies in Scotland, including fully legal marriages, funerals, namings, same-sex commitments.
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