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Shops and establishments dealing with books, pooja material, statues and other articles for worship. Includes sites relating to on line Poojas.- Category ID : 459798
1 -

Rudraksha Center

Offer a range of rudrakshas and malas.
2 -


Offer a range of rukdraksha, malas, and pendants.
3 -

Power Fortunes

Offering Vedic talismans and divination tools.
4 -

Super Tape and Discs

Offer devotional music and Sanskrit chants in cassettes and compact discs.
5 -

The Journey Home

Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami.
6 -

Prema Music

Offer audio tapes and CDs of Sai Baba bhajans. Includes a photo gallery of Sai Baba and MP3 downloads of bhajans and prayers.
7 -

Krishna Culture Online Vedic Store

Resource for items from spiritual India.
8 -

Spiritual Journeys

Travel offers to hindu pilgrimage destinations in India.
9 -

Ayurvedic Skin Care

Bindi sells oils, hair and skin conditioners and nutritional supplements.
10 -

Gopala Dolls and Games

Krishna dolls, Radharani dolls, Jaganatha, Subadhra and Balarama sets, and other related items.
11 -


Information about Rudrakshas and a guide for someone looking to purchase one.
12 -

Blessings on the net

Online shops for religious books, music, travel, arts and crafts.
13 -


Offers all kind of rudraksh, gems and yantras. Includes articles on different kinds of rudraksh.
14 -

Krishna Software Inc.

Offers multimedia CDROMs on Indian philosophy, religion, and culture.
15 -

Illumination Television

Videos on the experience of the Hare Krishna devotees, festivals and pilgrimages.
16 -

Oriental Records

A selection of devotional music including Siva Sahasaranama, Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana.
17 -

Religious Accessories

Puja items, malas, tapes and books.
18 -

Electric Havan Kund

Offer an electric Havan Kund for performing Homa.
19 -

Bhaktivedanta Vani Trust

Religious products from India including CDs, videos, and incense.
20 -

Mukunda Khatiwada: Khatmandu, Nepal

Offers Rudraksha and Saligrams.
21 -


Offer Rudraksha malas and pendents, Yantras, Puja items, and Puja service at specified temples.
22 -

Sanatan Society

Offer books, posters, and audio cassettes on Yoga, tantra, chakras, and mantras.
23 -

Pt. Vilas Thuse

Provides pooja vidhi and astrology services in San Francisco Bay Area, United States.
24 -


Offers all types of Yantras, Shivling, and japamalas for worship.
25 -

Rudra Bhandar

Offers Rudraksha, saligram, Yantras and ritual items.
26 -

Giri Trading

Puja items, gifts, books, audio tapes and other products for Hindu worship.
27 - - eDevotional Services Portal

E-devotional services portal through which you can order poojas(prayers) at indian temples, perform vedic homams, get astrology reports & predictions, spiritual tourism and lots more.
28 -

Sells Shaligram Shilas, Rudrakshas, Yantras and idols.

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