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Fictional Websites

Works of Fiction dealing with Religion or Spirituality in any way the author sees fit; from the sarcastic to the sublime. We place a particularly high value on any original theological thoughts or creative cosmological conceptions artistically developed in fictional form.

In particular the category includes religions based on intentional fictions, or are parodies of one or more other religions. Whether the religion has adherents and the sincerity of those adherents is not a factor for classification into this category.

Note that this category is significantly based on the concept of ha ha only serious.

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Holy Order of the Lemon

Patron saint of the order is 19th-century French socialist Charles Fourier, who believed in the overthrow of civilization and the founding of a "society of harmony" in which all passions and manias would be encouraged, after which the ocean would turn to lemonade.
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Universal Church of the Interactive Network

Offers email, web and other directives to help mankind achieve global consciousness via the medium of the Internet and in doing so make us a viable active member of the universe.
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The Grate Church of Moo

The sacred cow revealed through testimony, quotes, posters, and hymns.
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This is a religion created in the fiction of writer Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. It promotes the idea that the only truly sacred thing is man.
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A website for information on the only religion based around a rubber duck.
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First Reformed Church of SpongeBob Squarepants

An alternative religion for those who wish to experience Nautical Nonsense by following the teachings of Sponge Bob Square Pants.
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A satirical religion celebrating many different faiths in order to get more holidays from work.
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The Church of Last Thursday

A religion based on the idea that the universe was created last Thursday, but designed so as to appear much older.
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345th Intergalactic Ambulance Wing

Explores traditional aspects of spirituality from a science fiction, narrative therapy point of view.
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The Church of Tina Chopp Blog

The links in this blog about the Church of Tina Chopp do not work, since the original site was taken down, but the blog has a lot of good info about the church of bizarre sex, snake fondling and vegetable sacrifice.
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This Uncyclopedia entry includes a fairly complete description of Dake-Bonoism, a synthesis of pentecostal teachings and the lyrics of Bono, lead singer for the Irish band U2.

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