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Ageless Wisdom Websites

Publications and training based on the work of H. P. Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society), the Tibetan Master Dhjwal Kuhl (DK) with Alice A. Bailey (co-founder of Lucis Trust) and others. Includes studies in the seven rays, discipleship, esoteric astrology, esoteric healing, the new group of world servers and meditation to develop spiritual potentiality.

All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination; it results in the inherited light of substance being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the soul. The knowledge, insight, wisdom and capacity to wield spiritual energy should be expressed in daily living service to help materialise the Plan of God and aid in solving the problems of humanity.- Category ID : 459650
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Circle of Good Will

Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar promotes spiritual synthesis between East and West. Newsletter, publications. Multilingual site based in Berne, Switzerland.
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Wales Goodwill

Information related to the teachings of Alice Bailey.
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Articles and resources on paranormal phenomena, esotericism, complementary medicine and spiritual teachers such as Sri Satya Sai Baba, Maitreya, Benjamin Creme and Swami Premananda. Maintained by Gamini Perera.
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Esoteric Lights

Articles by students of the esoteric Ageless Wisdom teachings of Alice A. Bailey and others who have contributed to that great reservoir of wisdom. Barbara Domalske, editor.
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Net News Food for Your Heart

Writings of Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul and Sathya Sai Baba. Multilingual site based in Caux, Switzerland.
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Sacred Spaces/Ancient Wisdom

Author Gregg Braden offers quided workshops to sacred sites throughout the world. Email newsletter, articles and events. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Ageless Wisdom Teachings and Spirituality

Articles and FAQs from Share International archives.
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Center for Integral Science

Provides links to sites on spirituality and mysticism. Maintained by Thomas J. McFarlane.
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Esotericism and Modern Science

Martin Euser offers articles on esoteric subjects including evolution, the pagan origin of Christianity, kabbalah, gnosis and theosophy.
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Share International - The Nature of Esotericism

Brief article on Esotericism and energy.
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Borupp Productions

Dedicated to better human relations, this site contains basic information covering psycho-spiritual development.
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Offers e-books, articles, on-line movies, poetry and newsletters to assist in exploring and facilitating intuition.
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The World Teacher Trust

An organisation inspired by the life and teachings of the Masters of Eternal Wisdom. Online teachings and information on activities.
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The Path of Evolution - Which Is Your Life

Describes the evolution of a soul as it passes through multiple earthly incarnations on its way to liberation.
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Angelic, Human and Elemental Kingdoms

Articles on healing by the help of the elementals and angels, the three kingdoms, seven rays and other esoteric topics.
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