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Witch School

Offers classes including First Degree in the Correllian tradition.
2 -

Maledicta Moonchild

Wiccan oriented mail order store books, jewelry, ritual and altar supplies. Also a personals section, resources and links.
3 -

Gem N Aries

Selection of occult ritual and witchcraft supplies including candles, spell kits, books and other products.
4 -

Intrinsic Magik Oils

New Forest Witch offering spell kits and magick oils individually prepared by hand in a magick circle with no synthetic products. Tarot readings, crystal therapy, protection stones.
5 -

Sara Freder

Free horoscope reading. Magickal pendants and powders for sale.
6 -


Satanic and left hand path books and supplies.
7 -

Greetings America

New Age merchandise, readings done with various types of divination tools and spells cast for yourself or others.
8 -

Excelex Light-Life Polarization Live Essence Technologies

Spiritual information, techniques, art and support tools to assist in the transmutational process providing harmonic alignment with the higher Self.
9 -


Magickal products from Indonesia. Amulets, talismans, magical powers from the Indonesian shamanic and Islamic occult traditions available.
10 -

Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic

Mystery school offering teleconference, online, self-paced and apprentice programs in magic and shamanism.
11 -

ESP Laboratory of Texas

Books, gifts, videos and classes offering positive magickal help. Read testimonials, order, or become a member.
12 -

My Sweet Goddess

Handmade spiritual candles and pillows, tarot and runes readings, reiki treatment and astrology.
13 -

The Runes

Information on crystals, sabbats, candles, and an online store of supplies.
14 -

Avalon Sanctuary

Become a Priestess or Druid Brother of Avalon via correspondence, weekend workshop or the Hedgerow school 30-day intensives in Avalon.
15 -


Provides an extensive range of magickal wares, tarot readings and other magickal services.
16 -

Wicca Spells

Wiccan Spells to help you find and keep your true love.
17 -

1001 Spells

A large resource of spells available on a subscription basis.
18 -

The Sorceress Grove

Contains information, resources, downloads and other items for those interested in a more non-traditional view of the craft.
19 -

Mystical World Of Umar

Offering various talismans for personal magickal use.
20 -

Phelan Psychic and Witch Practitioner

Spell kits, psychic readings, aura cleansings and general items for sale.
21 -

Lily Therese: Angelic Spiritual Specialties Products

Special purpose candles, ritual kits, anointing oils, incense.
22 -

Esoteric Theological Seminary

Offers seminary degrees in alternative faiths, spiritual counseling and a variety of spiritual subjects. Ordains alternative multi-faith and interfaith clergy
23 -

Isle of Avalon Foundation

Courses and information on Hedgewitchcraft and Rainbow Wicca.
24 -

Clinica Theosofica

Offers a variety of magickal, astrological and hex breaking services.

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