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Paranormal Websites

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Offers in person and remote healing along with other related products.
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Our Psychic Art

Chris Page and Frankey Craig offer psychic art, and also workshops. Includes gallery.
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Vital Signs Publishing

Small publisher and retailer of books on subjects such as conspiracies and crop circles. Provides information and an extract from each book.
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Creepy Hollows

Sells tools, supplies and jewelry. Provides a forum and encyclopedia.
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Astral Projection

Improve your ability with frequency download or CD. Offers information and instructions.
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Al Bielek

Offers a compilation of interviews, on DVD or MP3, with survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk project.
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Dr. Joan Borysenko

Noted lecturer who has managed to bring spirit, science, medicine and psychology together in the service of healing. Her books and other items are for sale.
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The Silva Ultramind System

Offers the latest mind control method developed by Jose Silva designed to help people reach success, wealth, happiness, and health through self control of mind and intuition.
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AULIS Online

Publishers of articles, books, DVDs and videos. Contains articles on topics including NASA hoaxes, the face on Mars, and alien intervention and information on products for sale.
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Learn Remote Viewing

A step-by-step course by Michael Jura.
11 -

The Reader of Minds

Products and resources for mentalists and psychic entertainers.
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Unexplainable Store

Products offered include binaural frequency harmonics programs as aids for various activities, including lucid dreaming, meditation and ESP and psychic skills enhancement.
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UK Ghost Store

Sells both electronic and traditional investigation equipment. Also lists upcoming events.
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Chicago Spiritwave

Designs, builds and sells ghost boxes. Blog featuring design updates, for sale notifications and results from experimentation with the boxes.
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Synchronized Universe

Offers a number of books that puts forward a scientific case to explain psychic phenomena and survival of the soul. Provides excerpts and reviews.
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The Ghost Hunter Store

Equipment for sale that can assist with ghost hunting.
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The Art of Astral Projection

Offers a free 6 part introductory course, and a pay-for 23 module course. Describes the program and what users are saying about it.
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The Movie: The Bell Witch Haunting

Production company selling the DVD. Provides a trailer, ghostly tales, a list of cast members and recounts the legend.
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Are We Our Past Lives?

Book by Marie Gates. Includes the prologue and a list of her other works. Provides a profile of the author and a contact form.
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Ghoul B Gone

Room scents promising to banish unwanted entities. Also offers gem essences and online educational classes.
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Lucent Illuminators

Infrared and full spectrum LED lights for camera and camcorder. Applications include supernatural research, grow lights for plants and night vision technology.
22 -

Ghost Amp

Provides an energy source to be used by entities.
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The Afterlife

British based. Offering the traditional ghost hunting equipment such as spirit boxes and trigger objects. Also sells ouija boards and tarot cards. With pictures of their items.
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