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This category is for sites which sell a variety of items online that cannot be categorized in any other topical area in shopping. Sites that sell a single product line should be listed under an appropriate topical category. An effort should be made to list a site in a topical category before listing it in this category.- Category ID : 459611
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Snake And Snake Productions

Daily Lunar Phase information, t-shirts of moon, goddess, and pagan themes by Susan Baylies. Winter Solstice cards, lunar calendar, Goddess Grace exercise video.
2 -

Dreaming Gates

Mythological and metaphysical books and gifts.
3 -

Lytha Studios

Fine Celtic and Pagan jewelry, clothing, books, essential oils, incense, candles, and music.
4 -

Magickal Moments

An occult store offering candles, incense, oils, crystals, kits and pewter figurines. Offers both retail and wholesale sales.
5 -

Mystical Moon Readings & Gifts

Online store carrying a selection of metaphysical and occult items.
6 -

Olde Enchantments Online Store

Offering hand crafted planetary talismans, amulets, charms, and similar products.
7 -

Pagan Presence, Inc.

Serves the magikal and spiritual needs of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and anyone interested in New Age/Occult products.
8 -

Ritual Magick

Source for wiccan and pagan altar tools and supplies.
9 -

Sacred Mists Shoppe

Carries ritual items including unique and imported products.
10 -

Soma Luna Exotic Decor

Unique selection of candles, oils, and miscellaneous items for your temple.
11 -

Spells and Magic

A collection of unique, ancient, occult rituals, incantations and invocations for the conjuring of spirits and magickal workings.
12 -

Magic Spells Shop

Offers a variety of spells and charms, as well as books and stones.
13 -

Stained Witch

Candle spells and stained glass pentacles.
14 -

The Natalie Lynn Company

Products include herbs, oil, incense and Angel themed items.
15 -

Wild Witches

Spell kits and other items for witches.
16 -

Ann George Sudios - Mystic Store

Ritual candles hand-poured. Hand-blended herbal incense for ritual and magickal workings also available.
17 -

Every Witch Way

Wiccan and Pagan supplies.
18 -

Sacred Source

Specializes in fair-trade statuary featuring ancient deities. Also offers pagan jewelry and music.
19 -


Offers a variety of pagan and metaphysical supplies including herb, spell, and incense making kits, clothing, jewelry, and books.
20 -

The Briar Rose

Handcrafted traditional witchcraft supplies including ritual oils, herbal remedies, and speciality live wood wands.
21 -

Internet Ventures Online

Items available include runes, cauldrons and wishing bowls.
22 -

Mythical Matters

Spiritual, cultural, and scientific marvels of the world that create a sense of wonderment. Lots of Made in Canada! Every sale supports Toronto Wildlife Centre!
23 -

Oddly Appealing

Specializing in Wiccan and Pagan-themed etched glass chalices, ritual items, and ornaments.
24 -

Raven and Crone LLC

Wiccan and Pagan supplies with products including cauldrons, tarot bags and crystals. Searchable database.
25 -

The Pumpkin and the Cauldron

Offers witch supplies such as cloaks, herbs and smoke blends and crystals. Also offers tarot readings by email or phone.
26 -

Thirteen Moons

Provides occult items such as brooms and besoms, altar cloths and scrying mirrors. Searchable by tag or search box. Testimonials and FAQs.
27 -

Pagan Moon

Products include altar tables, candles and chalices.
28 -

The Green Man

Products include candles and incense, offers services including advice and spell casting. Bricks and mortar presence in North Hollywood, California, USA.
29 -

The New Age Source Store

Ships worldwide and products include crystals, dream catchers and water fountains.
30 -


British based New Age gift shop selling figurines, books, clothing, pendulum and wands.
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