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Stores selling Pagan and occult supplies. Check your punctuation and spelling. This Kind of Submission is NOT a Good Thingn.

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Witchcraft store for custom witchcraft spells, Wicca and magickal supplies and tools for pagans of every path. A wide selection of products with lots of corresponding information.
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Gypsy Magick

Online occult shop.
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Alchemy Works Seeds & Herbs

Offers seeds, herbs, incense, and supplies with information on planetary influences and on the historical use of plants in spirituality and alternative medicine.
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The Magickal Cat

Wiccan, Pagan and magickal store with over 2,500 items online.
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Crystal Dragon

Offers products both unique and conventional, esoteric and otherwise. Located in South Africa.
6 -

Healing the Cause

Teaching healing and forgiveness through self healing, and workshops and products.
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Gryffon, Dragon and Wolf

Products for ritual and mundane use including hand crafted incense, oils, bath salts, candles, stained glass and other supplies. Web design services also available.
8 -

The Mystic Corner

Witchcraft and occult supplies. Also include links and information about esoteric topics.
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Botanica Oshun

Offers tarot readings, astrology services, Palo Mayombe, Orisha, bath salts, Elekes, and initiations.
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Airbe Druad

Pagan themed clothing and accessories.
11 -

Merlins Realm

Wizard wands and scepters, magical amulets and pendants, and sacred geometry devices and chargers.
12 -

Enchanted Indigo

Magickal and unique items including spell candles, enchanted boxes, crystal jewelry, fairy and dragon items and witch calendars.
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The Witches Garden

Traditionally hand rolled incense from India, custom amulets, psychic readings, Indian deity prints, imported tapestries and altar cloths, handmade dreamcatchers by Zelies Creations with natural stones and willow wreaths.
14 -

A Magical Omaha

Metaphysical shopping including unique jewelry, mystical clothing, spell candles, handfasting accessories, and wooden books of shadows.
15 -

Enchanted Works

Metaphysical Store with altar tools and ritual supplies including handmade jewelry, athames, cauldrons, hand crafted wands, and ritual teas.
16 -

Greek Flea Market

Greek worry beads, eye beads and jewelry, and bronze goddess sculpture from the original molds of Christophoro Sklavenitis.
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Online Occult Shop

Offers customized products such as herbal baths, spells and rituals.
18 -

Arsenic & Old Lace

Providing magickal supplies, resources, and advice to the Pagan and Wiccan community.
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Lori Baratta Artworks

Offers pagan, wiccan and new age items for retail and wholesale.
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Talking Drum Publications

Offers books, tapes, articles, links, and workshops on shamanism and shamanic drummings.
21 -

Arkham Studios

Statues of cult and magickal personalities including H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Alan Poe, Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, Cthulu and others.
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The Green Wolf

Creates artwork from animal hides and bones and is also an author. Sells books, rents costumes and props and supplies to wholesale. Also offers card readings. Includes a blog and information concerning animal part laws.

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