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Deism has at minimum these attributes:

1. Belief in the existence of God, omnipotent Creator.
2. Belief that God can be understood and followed by reason alone
3. Follows a moral code derived from reason
4. Denial of ceremony, ritual, mysticism, special revelation (like the Bible), miracles or any kind of interventions by God to affect outcomes in the material world.

Christian Deism

While Christianity and Deism are different belief systems, some called themselves "Christian Deists" to avoid the charge of heresy while believing as strict Deists, others adopted aspects of Christianity as it suited them (or vice versa).- Category ID : 459329

1 - Deism

Definition, history, quotes, and bibliography.
2 -

Deism and Reason

Surveys and espouses traditional Deism. E-text resources and Deist quotations.
3 -

Cambridge History: The Deistical Controversy in English Theology

Historical survey of the main proponents and their literature.
4 -

Deism Advocated in the Bible

Series of articles finds strains of Deism in some books of the Bible.
5 -

Positive Deism

Promotes Deism and its beliefs with articles, forum, and chat.
6 -

Catholic Encyclopedia: Deism

Historical survey and critique.
7 -

Bibliomania: A Refutation of Deism

Short prose by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
8 -

Wikipedia: Deism

Historical survey.
9 -

Deism, English

Explores the Deism of Hobbes, Locke, Tindal, and the influence of Hume.
10 -

Deism, French

Brief historical survey of the development of Deism in France, as espoused by Voltaire, Diderot, and Rousseau.
11 -

The Human Jesus and Christian Deism

Topical articles explaining the meaning, history, and tenets of Christian Deism.
12 -

Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christian Religion

From the Modern History Sourcebook: A brief comparative analysis by Thomas Paine.
13 -

The Deist Minimum

Article by Avery Cardinal Dulles surveys the origins and spread of Deism with an eye towards its inherent weakness to sustain itself.
14 -

Psychology Today: Edward O. Wilson Is on Top of the World

Wilson calls himself a provisional Deist, affirming the likelihood of a prime mover. Interview by Jill Neimark.

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