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Nondenominational and interdenominational Christian organizations and associations.- Category ID : 457909
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Open Doors

UK office of an international Christian persecution charity providing Bibles, training, community development projects and support for persecuted Christians, and highlighting human rights issues and abuses. Overview, events, prayers, projects, donations and youth.
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Methodist Peace Fellowship

Association of Methodist pacifists within the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Offers overview and publications.
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Restoration Fellowship

Dedicated to the recovery of the Gospel about the Kingdom as Jesus preached it.
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The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Christian mission agency - publishing, book selling and grant-making.
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Joy Ranch

A Christian multi-service child care agency in Virginia providing homes for children who cannot or should not be in their own homes. Joy Ranch puts children on a course to meet Christ.
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Mars Hill Audio

Provides an assessment of contemporary culture from a Christian perspective.
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SnowStar Institute

Sponsors religious dialogue in four arenas: historical Jesus, inter-religious, global theology, and ex-church dissention.
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Firefighters for Christ

Tape library ministry providing without charge hundreds of messages (cassette tape or CD) by mail or as audio files online. Organized by book, theme, and author.
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Christian Police Association

Witnessing to police officers and providing fellowship to Christian officers in the UK. Welcome, history, staff, members, branches, adopt a cop, publications, forum and aims.
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Jubilee Centre

Encouraging Christians to shape society according to biblical principles. Publishes books, articles, and the quarterly "Cambridge Papers" on societal issues.
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Office of Reconciliation Ministries

Seek to help mend broken relationships and restore harmony and friendship among people of all ethnic or racial groups. Offers overview, racism defined, mission, works, staff, publications, events and resources.
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Memralife Group

Merger of Spring Harvest and ICC Media Group and seeking to serve the church through the provision of services, resources and events.
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Progressive Christianity

Statement of belief, directory of progressive churches, organizations, and individuals, message boards, and links. Includes resources on art, culture, theology, religious education, youth, ministries, organizational leadership, and spiritual exploration.

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