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1 -

Atheist Community

Discussion forum for atheists and their friends.
2 -

Atheist Only

A place for atheists to come to discuss any issue from religion, and social issues. Membership required.
3 -

Atheist Empire

Atheist message board.
4 -

Secular humanism

Discussion group.
5 -

Wasteland Of Wonders Atheism

For atheists and other nonbelievers to chat, discuss and debate atheists and religious issues.
6 -

Oklahoma Atheists

Message board for atheists living in Oklahoma.
7 -

Freethinkers Pub

A discussion board ranging from light conversation to support for recovery from oppressive, dogmatic religions.
8 -

Atheist vs Theist Debate

Discussions about religion, politics, and humor.
9 -

Whatever Floats Your Boat

A message board for atheists, agnostics, and humanists.
10 -

Talk Rational!

Forum dedicated to freethought and rational discussion with people of all beliefs and non-beliefs. Topics include science, religion, secular life, politics, philosophy, culture, and history.
11 -

Secular Cafe

Secular based forum site for community and discussion of all topics. All welcome irrespective of faith or lack of it.
12 -

Happy Atheist Forum

Forum and blog emphasizing that happy atheist are happy, ethical people just like anyone else. With the goal to help dissolve negative stereotypes held towards atheists and facilitate dialogue between differing viewpoints.
13 -

Think Atheist

Provide support and community for atheists with forums, blogs, wiki, photos, videos, and shop.
14 -

Discuss Atheism

DiscussAtheism strives to be a courteous, intelligent, and enjoyable website for Atheists. Includes a Atheism Forum with Photos, and Videos.
15 -

Freedom From Religion II

Web ring for people who demand their rights to freedom of conscience.
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