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Anger Management Websites

Often times, our own tempers are our worse enemies. This category is dedicated to presenting resources for managing anger in a controlled, healthy way. If you have problems managing your anger, please learn more about how to control it. A good definition of the various forms of anger is presented on a Seven Deadly sins site, and is quoted here: "Anger-ire-rage-fury-indignation-wrath A strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism. An intense emotional state induced by displeasure. ANGER, the most general term, names the reaction but in itself conveys nothing about intensity or justification or manifestation of the emotional state. IRE, more frequent in literary contexts, may suggest greater intensity than anger, of with an evident display of feeling. RAGE suggests loss of self-control from violence of emotion. FURY is overmastering destructive rate that can verge on madness. INDIGNATION stresses righteous anger at what one considers unfair, mean, or shameful. WRATH is likely
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Talk, Trust and Feel Therapeutics

Help to improve relationships and work out anger in positive ways.
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Providing solutions for controlling the stress that can cause rage and tools for understanding and managing anger.
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Therapeutic Options

Crisis intervention, aggression prevention and violence restraint. A comprehensive and sensible approach to reducing violence. Targets health care and educational environments.
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Why Is Everyone So Cranky?

Book by Leslie Charles, which outlines the ten social trends that have created the anger epidemic of our culture and how to combat it.
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Anger Self-Test

Explanations about anger and a self-test on the anger in your life.
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WOW Zone

A model for positive social change and evolution.
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Compassion Power

Offers workshops and programs to reduce anger, resentment and violence. Includes articles, statistics and reviews.
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Anger Management Techniques

Offers tips and techniques for anger control and management. Contains articles, tips and contact details.
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AJ Novick Group

Offers anger and stress management classes for adults, adolescents, businesses and court referrals. They also offer workshop programs, home study courses and professional training.
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Anger Profile

A free Anger Management Test scored on-line. Evaluates the ability to deal with anger in various types of situations.
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Expressing Anger Constructively

Advice from, a commercial site offering a marriage manual and workshops.
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