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Society/People/Lost_or_Missing is for sites providing general information and assistance to friends and families of lost or missing persons. It includes databases of missing persons, lost friends and relatives as well as links to cross-reference directories and other potential sources of information and services for tracing missing persons.- Category ID : 447933
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Missing Kids UK

Comprehensive site for reporting and locating missing minors.
2 -

Missing People

UK charity which specialises in, and is dedicated to, bringing missing children and adults back together with their families.
3 -


Membership-based service for people looking for lost friends and relatives world-wide.
4 -

Missing You

Service for locating missing persons in the United Kingdom.
5 -

The Doe Network

A volunteer organization devoted to assisting law enforcement in solving cold cases concerning unexplained disappearances and unidentified victims from North America, Australia and Europe. Includes missing and unidentified case files.
6 -

The Seeker

Free message board and resources for reuniting friends and family.
7 -


Non-commercial, international people finder. Includes search facility.
8 -

Roll Call ReCall

WWII Veterans may leave messages for others who served.
9 -

Center for Hope

Resources to assist and support families and others to cope with the disappearance of a loved one.
10 -

Lookup UK

Phone search, e-mail search, genealogy, adoption register and message boards.
11 -

National Missing Persons Unit

Advice, information and resources relating to missing persons in Australia.
12 -

Missing Children and Adults

Articles about missing people, as well as other resources, from
13 -

Lost Trekkers

People search service for travelers. Offers searches by name or country, and free registration.
14 -

The Inmate Locator

Find and locate inmates, prison locations and Department of Corrections information. United States local, state and federal prison and jail inmate locators are included.
15 -

A search system that uses known data about a person to attempt to locate them. The data base is fed by users, and all the information is hidden. The results will show: name, sex, age, city and birth country.
16 -

FBI - Kidnappings and Missing Persons

Official FBI listings of missing persons. Includes pictures.
17 -


Free online address book. Be found by old friends via Google.
18 -

The Charley Project

Profiles cold cases of missing children and adults in the United States.
19 -

Restoring Family Links

Provides assistance in locating and contacting relatives separated by war, conflict or crisis. Operated by the International Committee of the Red Cross.
20 -

Who Me

A reverse people finder site. Post identifying on the person you trying to find and get reconnected.
21 -

Missing Persons of America

News and information about missing people and those who have been found.
22 -

Free people search for address, phone number, email information.
23 -

Provides exposure for missing persons worldwide.
24 -

Project Jason

An organization that focuses on case assessment, resources, and support for families of the missing.
25 -

Missing Irish People

Listings service for missing people in Ireland. Includes latest news.
26 -


Contains profiles of missing and wanted persons.
27 -

Missing Military Personnel

Department of Defense effort to account for those missing in action.
28 -

Missing Persons and Unsolved Cold Cases

Database enabling a search across the USA for information about missing people, amber alerts and unsolved crimes.
29 -

LostNMissing Inc

An all-volunteer national organization in the United States that partners with law enforcement and families to assist in locating missing persons. Primary focus is adults.

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