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Sites providing general military-related news.- Category ID : 445077
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News, information and data for aerospace and defense professionals. Includes live feed, communiqués and official reports.
2 -

Defense Daily Network

A source for defense industry news, analysis and business information.
3 -

Defense News

Leading international news weekly covering the global defense industry. Offers headlines and articles by subject and region, as well as reference documents, event calendar, and opinion and commentary.
4 -

Reunions Magazine

Family, class, and military reunions. Includes an online list of upcoming US military reunions.
5 -

This site is home to several articles and links related to military topics. Subjects include anthrax, Gulf War Illness, the Berlin airlift and the Air Force.
6 -

Soldiers for the Truth

Grass-roots educational organization that informs the public, Congress, and the media about the decline in readiness of American armed forces. Features volunteer opportunities, current operations and contact information.
7 -

Journal of Electronic Defense

Provides coverage of defense electronic issues, focusing in particular on electronic warfare.
8 -

Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Monthly publication of world events and new technology relating to police, military, and interested persons.
9 -

Intelligence Online

Specialises in seeking out and publishing hard-to-find and confidential news for a select readership.
10 -

Armchair General Magazine

Features current and historical military topics including wargame reviews, historic movie and book reviews, paintball tactics, and interactive articles spanning the history of warfare.
11 -


Daily news about military-space and nuclear-weapon technology and policy.
12 -

European Security

Journal devoted to the publication of articles, papers, essays, documents and reviews on the new architecture, concepts, institutions, problems and prospects for European security since the Cold War.
13 -

The Journal of Slavic Military Studies

Investigates all aspects of military affairs in the Slavic nations of central and eastern Europe in historical and geopolitical context. (Formerly the Journal of Soviet Military Studies.)
14 -

The online magazine of the Art and Science of War and Intelligence. Covers current military technology, conflicts, and policy.
15 -

Military Medical Technology Online

Focuses on the implications of technological advances for military matters.
16 -

Security Studies

Publishes theoretical, historical and policy-oriented articles on the causes and consequences of war, and the sources and conditions of peace.
17 -

Terrorism and Political Violence

Focuses on the political meaning of terrorist activity, including studies of various related forms of violence by rebels and by states, and the links between political violence and organized crime, protest, rebellion, revolution, and human rights.
18 -

UN & Conflict Monitor

A quarterly publication providing current information about UN peacekeeping and other activities in conflicts around the world as well as information about conferences, research, publications, training and events.
19 -

Military Press Online

News and resources for military personnel and veterans.
20 -

Low Intensity Conflict & Law Enforcement

Addresses a range of military, security, and law enforcement issues associated with conflict short of general war.
21 -

International Security Page

Publishes essays covering all aspects of the control and use of force, from all political viewpoints. Its articles cover contemporary policy issues, and probe historical and theoretical questions behind them.
22 -

Routledge Military, Strategic and Security Studies

Promotes theoretically-based research on policy problems of armed violence, peace building and conflict resolution.
23 -

Journal of Strategic Studies

Provides a broad approach and coverage of both contemporary and historical issues in the field of strategic studies.
24 -

Intelligence and National Security

Offers insights into the contemporary functions of intelligence and its influence of foreign policy and national security.
25 -

Defence Studies

Journal produced by the staff and students of the British Joint Services Command and Staff College, covering historical and contemporary aspects of defence.
26 -

International Peacekeeping

Examines the theory and practice of military peacekeeping. Includes publication schedule, journal search, and archive of past issues.
27 -

Civil Wars

Journal which aims to brings together academic pieces on all aspects of civil wars. Sample copy and current table of contents available.
28 -

Small Wars and Insurgencies

Provides a forum for the discussion of the historical, political, social, economic and psychological aspects of insurgency, counter-insurgency, limited war, peacekeeping operations and the use of force as an instrument of policy.
29 -

Medicine, Conflict and Survival

Covers medical and psychological issues related to conflict.
30 -

The Council for a Livable World

News, in-depth background analysis and opinion of military and defense issues from disarmament advocacy organization.
31 -

Journal of Conflict Studies

Biannual publication dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly research in the field of low-intensity conflict studies.

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