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India-Pakistan Websites

Information about the present conflict between India and Pakistan.- Category ID : 441645
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India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch

E-mail discussion group for peace activists, covering arms sales to the region, acquisitions, development and deployment of new weapons, the implications of militarisation, and the conduct of intelligence agencies.
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Global Policy Forum: India and Pakistan

Monitoring international policy-making at the United Nations, and offering U.N. documents, articles and an archive on the Kashmir conflict.
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August 1914 in Pakistan

Nicholas D. Kristoff reports on the opinions of Pakistani citizens.
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BBC News Special Report: Flashpoint Kashmir

Examines the roots and causes of the Kashmir dispute [Last update: 2000].
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BBC News: The Future of Kashmir?

Looks at possible scenarios for the outcome of the Kashmir dispute.
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£1Bn Arms Push to India

The UK is mounting an intensive campaign to boost arms sales to India, in spite of the danger of the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir spilling into war and destabilising the entire region.
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Benazir Bhutto: Musharraf Must Go

The former prime minister of Pakistan and leader of the largest opposition party says that a regime change in Islamabad is the only way to prevent a war.
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Why Nuclear Conflict is a Real Threat

Reports on the danger of a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan. The Guardian, UK.
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Salman Rushdie: In Kashmir, Déjà-vu is a Way of Life

A comment on the history of the conflict and the reluctance of the international community to intervene. The Guardian, UK.
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Wake-Up Call

Henry Porter comments on the surprising little international response to the Kashmir conflict.
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Arundhati Roy: Under the Nuclear Shadow

Describes the life of people in India under the threat of nuclear war. The Observer, UK.
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