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FAS - Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organizations, Substance Cartels, and Other Para-State Entities

Profiles of several hundred groups, as well as related documents gathered from a variety of sources. From the Federation of American Scientists.
2 -

US Congressional Research Service - Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Report includes the official list of FTOs as of February 6, 2004 along with detailed information about each group.
3 -

Bob Cromwell - Separatist, Para-military, Military, Intelligence, and Political Organizations

Overview of each group along with links to their official websites and other sites associated with them.
4 -

Wikipedia - List of Designated Terrorist Organizations

Hyperlinked list of terrorist organizations as defined by various governments.
5 -

The Guardian - US moves to freeze terrorist funding

List of the 27 individuals and organisations whose assets have been frozen to strike at the "financial foundation" of terrorism, also including a corporation that serves as a front for terrorism and several non-profit organisations. UK.
6 -

US Department of State - Terrorist Designations and State Sponsors of Terrorism

Current listing of the Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), Executive order (individuals as well as organizations), and press releases and notices from the Federal Register.
7 -

Canada National Security - Listed Terrorist Entities

Official government list of terrorist groups for the purposes of Part II.1 of the Criminal Code.
8 -

Australia National Security - Listed Terrorist Organisations

Official government list of the terrorist groups with dates listed and re-listed.
9 -

UK Home Office - Security: Proscribed Terrorist Groups

Information about the international and Irish terrorist organisations currently proscribed (or outlawed) under UK law.
10 -

EU - Terrorism List

List of persons, groups and entities as of July 22, 2014.

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