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New Policy Institute

A progressive, independent think tank, focusing on government policy for services, from health and education to finance.
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New Jersey Policy Perspective

New Jersey Policy Perspective is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that conducts research on public policy issues in New Jersey.
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Nevada Policy Research Institute

Nevada-based non-partisan and non-profit public policy research and education organization.
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The Nation Institute

A liberal-left independently funded and administered organization, committed to a just society and the principles of the First Amendment.
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National Center for Policy Analysis

A nonprofit public policy research institute.
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The National Center for Public Policy Research

A conservative policy institute covering Congress, insider political information, the environment, regulations, legal reform, retirement security, Social Security, race relations, campaign reform, and affirmative action.
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National Institute for Labor Relations Research

The Institute provides the supplementary analysis and research necessary to expose the inequities of compulsory unionism.
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National Social Norms Resource Center

The National Social Norms Resource Center promotes and provides assistance in applying the social norms approach to various health, safety and social justice issues, including alcohol and tobacco risk-reduction.
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Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development

A policy-oriented research and consulting organization. Promotes international cooperation for security and ecologically sustainable development. Programs embrace both global and regional issues, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.
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Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

The institute is the public policy research arm of the State University of New York. It is actively involved in public policy research on the role of state and local governments in American federalism and the management and finances of states and localities in major areas of domestic public affairs.
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