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This category is for sites on online polls regarding various social issues, either for formal data gathering organizations or from informal personal sites.- Category ID : 441087
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Gives users a voice on important public issues. Features active votes, archives and discussion forum.
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Mister Poll

Interactive Internet opinion poll with a directory of controversial subjects that range from politics and society to annoying personal habits. Plus, you can make your own free polls to include in your web site.
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Survey Central

Post questions, answer questions, see results. Free registration.
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Voice of the Internet

Opinion Polls. Pay Surveys. Voice your feelings. Free T-shirt Contest.
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You Debate and

Gives debate polls and forums where net users can join in.
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Links to a variety of quick questions on a broad range of subjects.
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The Peoples Eye

Polls and voting for the winner of "15 M.O.F. Now git outta here Award".
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Take Surveys with Live Instant Results

A variety of topics including: current events, politics, relationships, sex, business, job, and travel. Results of surveys.
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BigPulse Opinion Poll

The hot issues opinion poll for activist groups, public interest groups, individuals, organizations and political parties. Vote daily on social, political and environmental issues.
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Blueprint - Polling the Arabic Community

News and polling results from Arabic sources on the proceedings in Middle East and Central Asia. A service of Blueprint magazine.
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Voting Channel

Opinion surveys on a variety of issues. Registration required.
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Opinion - Views of Australians

A polling site that profiles the opinions of Australians, and allows users to submit their own polls.
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