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Society: Issues: Environment: Population topics focus on the negative or positive impact of population increase or decrease within an ecosystem, governmental region, or on a global scale. Population growth can be a positive or negative effect on an area, depending on pre-existing conditions in an area. For example, in rural areas in the US, a population growth might be welcome. On the otherhand, in crowded cities such as Tokyo, a large population growth might add complications in the cost of housing, unemployment rates, and car pollution. There are many causes of population increase such as longer lifespans due to advanced healthcare, better diets, increased agricultural production. On the otherhand, some causes of population decrease for a region might be lack of medicines, poor diets, and reduced agriculture production due to weather, insect swarms, and not rotating crops.- Category ID : 440573
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NOVA: World in the Balance

Based on an educational TV program. The articles cover topics such as human consumption, sustainable population rate, and the impact of the average age within a country. Page includes people counter, photos, quizzes, and maps.
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Carrying Capacity Network

An activist network concerned with national revitalization, population stabilization, immigration reduction, sustainable economic activity, and resource conservation.
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The Population Council

Organization seeking to improve the wellbeing and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world, and to help achieve a humane, equitable and sustainable balance between people and resources.
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Laissez-Faire in Population: The Least Bad Solution

Economist David Friedman argues that there is no justification in economic theory for the widely believed notion that the results of allowing parents freely to decide how many children they have must, in the long run, be catastrophic under any tolerable social institutions.
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Catholic Encyclopedia: Theories of Population

A Roman Catholic view of the theories of Malthus and others, written in 1910.
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Completing the Fertility Transition

Report of an expert meeting of the UN Population Division which warns of a serious reduction of the global population.
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The Numbers Game: Ethnic Conflict in the Contemporary World

Essay discusses the relationship between population growth or decline and perceived social and political influence. Written by Kevin McDonald. Includes bibliography.
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Journal of Population Research

Peer-reviewed international journal which publishes papers on population-related issues. Published by Springer for the Australian Population Association.
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Population Matters

Organisation carrying out research into optimum population size in relation to environmental sustainability, particularly in the UK. Information about their activities and research.
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Population Association of America

PAA is a non-profit, scientific, professional organization established to promote the improvement, advancement and progress of the human race through research of problems related to human population.

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