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Erika, OfeK and Momo eco-traveling experiences to eco-villages, communes, eco-projects, and a little sight-seeing.
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The Sunshine Environment

About environmental education and news information for educators, activists, and anyone else interested in issues about the environment.
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Dedijer Media

Explore the relationship between man and nature, humans and their environment, people and ecology through reportages from around the world by Miki Dedijer. Adventures in human ecology.
4 -

Green Warrior

Environmentally friendly living and activism.
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Natural Peace

About endangered species, rainforest, ways to help and great apes.
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The Lion Man of Africa

About Gareth Patterson, an environmentalist, speaker, and author of seven books on lions and his experiences in Southern Africa and Kenya.
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Humber Portage

Observations, commentary, links relating to the natural environment of the Humber River Valley, Toronto, Canada by James E. Garratt.
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Small ways people can help the environment in everyday living.
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Rare Earthly Delights

Alerts on urgent environmental problems confronting humanity and registry of individuals recognized by the site for their work toward ecological enhancement.
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Nature and Us

Discusses a wide range of environmental and ecological problems and actions to address them.
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Environmental Tidbits

Offers tips on using less water.
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Capitalism and Sustainability

Argues that resources least governed by property rights are those where environmental concerns are the greatest; the solution is to extend property rights to the commons, not to prevent them.
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Paradise Wild by David Oates

This site contains information about environmental writer and poet David Oates, including a chapter from his new book, Paradise Wild, and several excerpts from his previous books and poetry.
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The Underground Gardener

Novelist and alternative gardening columnist, Elizabeth Stromme. Bibliography and reviews, sketchbook, reflections, and non-fiction works.
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Earth & conservation

About the Earth and what can be done to keep it from getting destroyed by pollution.
16 -

Bill Oliver

An eco-troubadour whose environmental songs like "Habitat" have been performed throughout the U.S.A. for two decades.
17 -

Earth Sisters

A team dedicated to collecting and sharing information about the environment and how to protect and preserve it.
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Welcome To My Jungle

Leslie Taylor, author of Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest, shares her stories, pictures and adventures about working and playing in the Amazon Rainforest.
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Summer Rayne Oakes

Official site of the model and TV media host who works as an activist and entrepreneurist. Lists her activities, pictures of her, companies affiliated with, and announcements.
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Eco Friendly World

Contains a blog with environmental tips.
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