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Noise Pollution Websites

This category contains websites related to all forms of noise considered pollution.- Category ID : 440416
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Mainly a business directory, but also a source of good information.
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UK Noise Association

UK voluntary non-charitable campaigning organisation that also carries out research and produces publications.
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Campaigns in Britain and internationally against piped music in public places.
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Hearing Damage and Loud Music

On the relationship between loud noise and ear damage, with particular reference to young people and loud music.
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Right to Quiet Society

Vancouver (British Columbia) nonprofit society for soundscape awareness and protection, working to raise awareness of the value, benefits, and difficulties in obtaining quiet.
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The Noise Consultancy, LLC

Noise consulting services to municipalities, industry and impacted residents, including: sound studies; ordinance development; enforcement issues; acoustical modeling; planning and zoning; impact statements; private and public nuisance advocacy.
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Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition

Dedicated to protecting the rights of Alaskans to quiet places for the benefit of public land users, private property owners, and visitors.
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Farm Noise and Hearing Project

South Australian network of farmers and health professionals promoting hearing conservation in rural communities.
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Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

An information resource with online database. Campaigns on specific noise issues and distributes "Quiet Zone" newsletter. Offers CD demonstrating worst noise offenders. Often quoted by major media.
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Noise Center at the Center for Hearing and Communication

A not-for-profit organization promoting hearing conservation and noise awareness through education, advocacy and outreach.
11 -

Quiet Use Coalition

Quiet use of wilderness areas is presented as a normal use and argues against enabling gas engine, motorized machines in the quiet, national forests in U.S.
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Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center

Providing training in sound level measurement for enforcement of municipal noise codes, the center has been providing assistance for over 35 years.
13 -

Stress and Noise

Franklin Institute Report.
14 -

Loud Car Stereos

Bulletin from the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.
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Coalition of world citizens combating the urban blight of unwanted human-created sound that is annoying, distracting, painful, or physically harmful.
16 -

Noise Help

Practical information and a variety of approaches for dealing with everyday noise problems.
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Noisy Neighbours

Describes solutions for noisy neighbours: What can be done, how to deal with the situation and what the law says in the UK. Includes discussion forum.
18 -

Quiet Corners

Reviews of places without piped music. Includes restaurants, pubs, hotels, and places to relax, shop, and meet. Reviews submitted by members of the UK-based Pipedown campaign.
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Noise & Health

An inter-disciplinary international journal devoted to research on all aspects of noise and its effects on human health.
20 -

Scientific Interdisciplinary Ecology and Noise Committee

Argentina group promoting public noise awareness and advising citizens and city officials on noise problems.
21 -

UK Legislation - Noise Act 1996

Full text of UK act regarding noise emitted from dwellings at night.
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Noise/News International

Noise Control Engineering information and activities worldwide. Includes quarterly magazine, member societies, technical reports, and announcements of meetings and conferences.
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Noise and the Noise Control Act

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documents concerning federal noise control.
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Noise and Traffic

Information on effects of noise on people, noise regulations and standards, and control of noise production by vehicles and machinery.
25 -

Citizens Against Noise (C.A.N.)

Militant movement in Los Angeles fighting noise of all kinds.
26 -

Noisy Planet

Education campaign of the US National Institutes of Health to increase awareness among parents about causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss; encourages children to adopt healthy hearing habits.
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Noise nuisances: how councils deal with complaints (UK DEFRA)

How UK councils deal with complaints about noise at night, intruder alarms, construction noise, and loudspeakers in the street.
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The EU Policy on Environmental Noise

European Commission policy and directive on noise reduction. Includes links to full text of key papers.

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